Thistletop Bruiser's Fort

Top Level


C11: Courtyard
C12: Food Storage
C13 & C15: Guard Towers – An open flight of stairs winds up to a trap door in the ceiling, thirty feet above
C14: Servant Quarters
C17: Shelves with tools (general tools, archaeological excavation tools, nets, lanterns etc.), northeast wall has a large L-shaped wooden cage with dozens of rabbits)
C16: Training yard no roof, open air, grass field
C18: Stable Room for one horse
C19: Dinning Hall
C20: Armory
C21: Bruiser’s Office
C23: Guest Bedroom – ragged padded chair, rickety desk that may have one time been an expensive antique, a canopied bed covered with silk sheets sporting an elaborately carved headboard that features nymphs and satyrs cavorting in a forest
C22: Kitchen, door entrance added to C19
C24: Latrine

Sub-level One

D15: Library
D14: War Meeting Room, one wall covered by a chalk board with a drawing of a map of Sandpoint in Chalk
D8: Bruiser’s Room, Door installed along with lantern lighting
D7: 3 Large Bath tubs for bathing, to the east there is a wide opening in the wall overlooking the Varisian Gulf
D6: Storage Room
D3: Empty/Cleaned Room, unplanned use
D1: Living Room
D2: Empty/Cleaned Room, unplanned use
D4a: Nia’s Room
D4b: Henry Albert’s Room
D4c: Gilgamesh’s Room
D4d: Volo’s Room
D5: Calach’s Room
D9: Holding Cells, walled off the entrance to the Temple & D10 (no doors)
D10: Com’s Room, door added to have access to the temple, doorway to holding cells sealed up
D12: Chapel. Rob, you may send me a new description to how it should look now based on your work in it with Fiona. (Original Description – Stone fonts containing frothy dark water sit to the north & south of the eastern entrance to the room, and twin banks of stone pillars run the length of the long chamber. At the western end, shallow stairs rise to the platform are lit by hanging braziers. There are bas-relief carvings of countless monsters feasting on fleeing humans in a lurid display. A black marble altar stone with a squatting 10 foot tall statue. The sculpture depicts a very pregnant but otherwise shapely naked woman who wields a kukri in each taloned hand & has a long reptilian tail, birdlike taloned feet, and the snarling head of a three-eyed jackal with a forked tongue.
D11: Chapel entrance. Door to chapel needs to be replaced still. Description of door: 2 large stone doors, their faces carved with images of horrific, deformed monsters clawing their way out of pregnant women of all races.

2nd Sub-Level

E2: Alcoves in the north & south contain partially damaged statues of a man in robes clutching a book and a glaive. The entire room is canted toward the west, so the statues lean against the western walls of their alcoves.
E3: – trapped hallway, disabled by halfling.
E4 – Wide stone ledges of red marble curve the walls of the room. There are 3 comfortable chairs in the room. To the north, sits a large round magical fountain filled with frothy blue water that replenishes and is drinkable.
E5: L-shaped hallway ends at a pair of stone doors carved with the depictions of 2 skeletons reaching out to clutch a skull between them, while the east hallway narrows down to frame a circular carving of what seems to be an immense stack of tens of thousands of gold coins that rises to the ceiling. The edges of these coins are carved with tiny, spiky runes. (the pillar has a permanent image CL15 to make it look like it was gold, but it is really made of stone.
E6: Crypt – 4 pillars support the domed ceiling of this room. Several dark alcoves containing standing sarcophagi grace the walls with remains in them grace the walls, and a statue of a stern man wielding a glaive and holding a book stands in the southern part of the chamber.
E7 Being used as a saltwater tide pool for swimming, the few walls that remain intact bear detailed impressive carvings of incredible treasuries filled to overflowing with coins, gems, jewelry, and other items of value. To the east, the walls depict a carving of a towering mountain, its peak carved in the shape of a stern face just above a great palace. Below, the side of the mountain’s valley cradles an immense city of spires.
E8 – Has an upraised dais on which sits a marble throne. To either side stand statues of a man clutching a book and a glaive. A ghostly figure seems to be seated in the throne (the same man who appears in the statues). The constant loop of the message in a different language – Thasilonian. He seems to be addressing an audience as he moves his hands about, his fingers decorated with hooked rings. As translated by Brodert Quink it states"…is upon us, but I command you remain. Witness my power, how Alaznist’s petty wrath is but a flash compared to my strength. Take my final work to your graves, and let its memory be the last thing you…"
E9: 3 low tables.
E10: Door can only be opened with that special shaped key (7 pointed star – Sihedron Rune which you recovered when you took the keep). It has an arcane lock. In the room, 10 foot long pit of fire that is magically sustained forever. Corners of the room have wooden risers. 2 secret alcoves are in this room (you guys found a coffer in one that had contained a magic ring).

Thistletop Bruiser's Fort

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