Rise of the Runelords (Candy)

Seeking Runeforge

2nd of Calistril of 4708 AR Merrymead

The heroes meet downstairs and are offered free drinks. Bruiser puts on his winter clothes. Volo and Calach leave to go shopping for winter clothing for the others, while they remain behind at the Inn. They find all sorts of celebration and debauchery happening in broad daylight in the pirate capital of Varisia on the way to a nearby store. Volo catches a woman attempting to pick his pocket, but prevents it. His silver tongue dodges any commotion in the group. If the others were about with them, he might not have been so lucky. They continue foraward and purchase the required clothing. They make it back to the Inn without much incident.

Calach teleports all to Brinewall in two trips. The weather this far north is freezing and the wind gives no reprieve. They travel the path for some time before coming across a creature that appears to be feasting on the remains of a party of people ahead before it notices them.

A battle ensues and Volo slays the beast. They continue on the road, with snow crunching underfoot, camp and spend the rest of the night uneventfully.

3rd-5th of Calistril of 4708 AR
Com creates food and water for those that require such. Status is also cast and the journey continues uneventfully.

6th of Calistril of 4708 AR
At sundown on their journey, the heroes are met with a volley of arrows from a group of vulture-like humanoids from above that seem to use their legs to shoot large bows. The heroes emerge victorious once again. Some way away, Gilgamesh casts a secure shelter and they camp for the night.

7th of Calistril of 4708 AR
You awake the morning in a good mood. traveling by foot in the frozen ground and snow leaves you sore, but you receive a much needed rest in a sturdy warm cottage with warm beds. Com provides food and water in the morning. Volo exits the building a take a breathe of fresh cold air. The sting of it beginning already to invade and numb the extremities, he does some stretching.

Com imbues Bruiser with 2 cure light wounds spells and a shield other spell. Everyone walks out of the shelter and continues the arduous journey by foot. In the distance, you they come across what appear to be 2 yeti creatures that appear to be looking into great holes in the permafrost ahead. they begin to slowly approach. After some time, the yeti appear to notice them and begin to approach. Bruiser and a few others brandish weapons as they begin to inch closer. After approaching closer, Bruiser becomes paralyzed with fear after looking into their red glowing eyes. Calach casts mage armor on himself. The yeti appear to yell something in another language to each other (Bruiser and Gilgamesh are able to understand) and begin to leave the area.

Suddenly, you feel the ground vibrating. A great frost worm (as Gilgamesh described it) breaks through the ground! He warns you as you approach that the beast is known to have an icy breath weapon according to the tomes he has read.

Volo gets nearer and throws a dagger at the creatures, wounding it. It opens its massive jaws and breathes a blast of icy air upon all but Gilgamesh that stayed behind. Nia approaches it and it takes a bite out of her. She is able to swing once at its side wounding it. Volo’s dagger magically returns to his hand, he throws it again and it strikes true wounding the worm. Com casts a healing burst, and continues throughout the battle to provide support with spells like Beacon of Hope and Blessing of Fervor. Bruiser approaches the frost worm and it takes a bite out of him. However, he is now positioned to flank the creature with a few others. Gilgamesh casts a fireball at it that grievously singes the beast but not enough to kill it. Nia hacks at the creature with 3 mighty blows. It gives a trilling screech and it explodes in an icy blast spraying everyone within 100 feet with shards of ice.

Com falls in battle. Volo, never moving so quickly before, covers a large distance and is quickly at his side using a wand of cure light wounds to attempt to revive him. His eyes flutter open gasping for air as he grabs his chest riddled with icicles. He asks for his morning star. Gilgamesh retrieves it handing it back to him. He slowly stands and lets loose a healing burst. The heroes take time to heal themselves with Tobias and Com’s aide. They check the great holes only to find a dead female yeti body. They retrieve it, leave it in the area and continue forth on their quest before finding a spot to camp for the night. As Gilgamesh casts his spells for shelter, the others hear a forlorn howl in the distance.

Gilgamesh sets himself down on a desk to work on his spellbook. Com settles down at his desk and lights his pipe. Gilgamesh states that the smell of it is offensive and that he should go outside to smoke it. Volo disagrees stating it would not be wise to send their only cleric out in the night to do this. Perhaps he should just deal with the smell. Prestidigitation is cast frequently. Tobias makes conversation with Com and recommends perhaps he should borrow his ring to help protect him in future battles, but he refuses. Com places a tea pot over the hearth to begin to warm. He takes out his tub and begins to fill it with water that is then warmed. He proceeds to bath and drink his tea in the tub. Nia insists on taking a bath next. Volo happily obliges to help fill the tub with warm water. He asks if she requires assistance. At this, Bruiser states that perhaps everyone should step out to give her privacy. No one agrees to this suggestion. As Com suggests perhaps placing a blanket as a shield, Nia undresses and proceeds to bathe in front of all. The discussion ends. Calach decides to bathe after. Gilgamesh has the unseen servant clean everyone’s armor and prestidigitation is cast on everyone’s clothing later. The night goes on uneventfully.

8th of Calistril of 4708 AR
Uneventful day of journey and bathing at night.

9th of Calistril of 4708 AR
At dusk you approach the rocky eastern shoreline of Lake Stormunder. The temperature has dropped significantly here, the wind howls loudly. The ground rises into the craggy snow-dappled roots of Rimeskull, casting its long shadow over this area. Yet not all of the ground here is rugged and mountainous. Several hundred feet from the lakes edge, the land suddenly levels off to create a circular hill. Rocks and tenacious shrubs poke through the scattered clumps of snow here, but they are dwarfed by the ring of seven ten-foot tall stone heads that circle the hill’s edge, their faces angled inward toward each other, mouths agape. To the east the sheer mountainside of Rimeskull rises, icy and windblasted – two hundred feet above leers a carving of an ancient face, its gapping mouth forming a large cave entrance in the mountainside. A ten-foot-wide stairway of stone descends from this cave to a ledge only fifty feet to the east of the circle of stone faces.

Calach recalls something he read at his long days of research and study in Jorgenfist library. The runelords often carved depictions of their visages upon mountaintops to towering statues that watched over the cities. Rimeskull’s face, however, overlooked the site of Runeforge itself, to symbolize that all 7 runelords shared this territory, they agreed to mark the location with the carving of the face of their empire’s first emperor, Xin. Yet rather than depict the emperor as he appeared in life, the runelords, who overthrew Xin in a violent rebellion, immortalized him in the way they preferred to remember him – as a dead emperor.

Calach dips an arrow in the steaming lake, but nothing happens to it. Tobias splashes him using his hand with the water. It seems warm to the touch; perhaps it is a natural hot spring. Com uses his pearl of power to cast status on the fighters and Volo. Calach uses 3 teleport spells to attempt to get everyone to the other side of the lake near the hill (the second spell gets him off track further south of his location). They climb the hill. He is able to identify all the runelord statues and their respective schools, having studied such in the library. He casts the corresponding spell on 6 of the seven statues as Volo offers each a prayer. On each, the spell is absorbed by the statue causing it to glow with energy for a moment and the ground vibrates as a piercing trill emanates from the heads. The glow and sound fade completely after several seconds, at which point a gold key appears in their mouth. Volo seems to be the only one holding keys thus far. As they are doing this, Gilgamesh casts his own spells on himself making him invisible.

Suddenly, the wind picks up and a blast of cold magic is breathed upon them as a white dragon appears out of nowhere flying above and attempts to land some of the heroes. A few shaken with fear begin to flee the area. A battle ensues with the few that remain of magic, claw and bite. The heroes soon feel outmatched and begin to flee leaving poor Tobias toe to toe with the creature. As the others are running, Calach catches up with Bruiser, who was fleeing in freight, and casts a resist energy cold spell upon him. Com casts Waterwalk on himself as he flees upon the the surface of the lake. As the others look back while they run they see him fall in battle. The dragon grabs him in his maw and flies off toward the opening in Rimeskull. The fear effect the others were under eventually fades and all meet up but Nia, who seemed not to return. Perhaps she returned to the frozen plains of her people. Volo returns to pick up Tobias’ sword. Com uses a healing burst upon the party, while Calach casts a resist energy upon himself and Volo.

They discuss what to do next. They agree to try to retrieve the body of Tobias before it is eaten by the dragon.

Calach casts a resist energy spell upon Com and they all ascend the stairway as Bruiser drinks a potion of Bull’s Strength and Calach readies a haste spell. Earth elementals seem to appear out of the stairs and begin to attack Com and Volo. Calach’s haste goes off. Com uses another healing burst upon all. All seem to be attacked by the creatures except Calach. Bruiser is hit opportunistically as he moves in. Volo yells, “Who do I help?” Bruiser responds to help those in the back. In a feat of acrobatic wonder, Volo flips over Gilgamesh while pulling a wand from his belt. Gilgamesh goes invisible. Calach casts defensively a scorching ray spell. Bruiser in knocked solidly by the elemental and is flung in the air into Calach falling prone. The other slams its fist into Volo flinging him in the air knocking into Gilgamesh, but his catlike reflexes allow him to land on his feet from the ordeal. Bruiser stands from his prone position and receives another hit in the process. Volo uses his spring attack but misses. Gilgamesh attempts to move while invisible, but the creatures seem to feel the vibration on the ground as he does so, taking the opportunity to hit him. He casts a scorching ray in return.. Calach flies up 20 feet and also slings a scorching ray spell.. Com lands a hit, but it does not appear to do any damage. Bruiser lands some solid blows on one and slays it. Gilgamesh is slamed by an arm and is flung in the air in the process from the solid blow. Volo runs down to interpose his body between Gilgamesh and hits it. The hits seems to not have any affect on the creature. Gilgamesh casts a scorching ray at the creature while still prone from the last hit. Calach casts aother and slays it.

Com casts a cure serious spell upon a bruised Gilgamesh while Calach casts bless upon everyone. While they traverse the stairs, Com uses his healing burst upon the party and a cure serious spell on Bruiser. Calach casts mirror image using a wand (expending 2 charges, failing a roll to activate the first time). Bruiser uses another potion of bull’s strength while Gilgamesh casts shield upon himself. Calach uses a wand of Bear’s Endurance on himself as Com uses another healing burst on everyone. Gilgamesh casts haste and levitate as Com casts spell resistance on himself. Bruiser activates the light ability on his compass while Com casts light upon his own mace.

They approach the entrance that is flanked by 2 12 foot tall statues on either said of a large tunnel. Each holds an upraised hand as if to ward away intruders, and clutches a heavy sword with the other. Volo, while searching for traps, finds that one of the statues is actually an illusion that marks the start of an invisible ledge that is not as treacherous to traverse as the inclined icy tunnel. He throws pebbles and snow upon it so the others can see the way. All but Calach and Gilgamesh enter; they remain above to view the others descend ready to sling spells if necessary. The encircles an icy cavern with huge icicles that hang from the ceiling and coils of mist rise up from below. The walls of the cavern glitter and sparkle with sheets of ice. Seven 20 foot tall pillars, their sides encrusted with ice and engraved with ancient glyphs and runes, surround an 8th pillar twice the size. Tunnels exit the central cavern, winding deeper into the mountain. Yet perhaps the most notable feature is the sparkling mound of coins, works of art, gemstones, jewelry, weapons, armor, and other things poking up from the pile that occupies the northwestern sections of the cavern. Tobias’ frozen broken body is heaped upon the mound. The others come down when are called. Volo searches all areas, and finds no dragon. Com checks Tobias’ body. As Gilgamesh looks around the cavern, he sees the invisible, dropping from the ceiling to position itself at the cavern entrance. He casts a fireball spell at it. Calach castsacid arrow at it. The dragon releases a freezing fog in to area. Com casts a dispel magic spell twice upon the dragon as Calach casts haste. Volo comes out of the mist, is affected by its aura of fear and runs back after dropping Tobias’s sword.

Gilgamesh attempts to cast an empowered acid fireball but is unable to bypass the SR. The dragon releases a breath weapon attack, but it does no damage to Com, Calach, and Bruiser. Bruiser was unable to hit it while Com removes fear from Volo. Volo moves back. Gilgamesh continues to try to cast spells, but was unable to bypass his SR. Bruiser lands a sold hit while Com casts a heal spell. Calach successfully casts a flmaestrike. Volo tumbles and misses. Gilgamesh casts an acid scorching ray. The dragon casts lightning on Bruiser and Com (Com takes no damage due to his SR. Bruiser lands a critical hit as Com uses another healing burst. Volo takes a five foot step closer calling upon the lady of death to guide his dagger to help slay the dragon, but misses. Gilgamesh casts a ball of lightning, as Calach flies up to look aroundn for the now missing dragon. Volo picks up Tobias’ sword. Some go into a tunnel to search while Calach pulls Tobias’ body into a bag of holding. Com casts cleanse and everyone else begins to grab random treasure in the meantime. Gilgamesh notices the invisible dragon hiding in a tunnel, casting an electrical fireball at it. It bites Gilgamesh critically, almost killing him in the process (he saves for massive damage). Bruiser charges and it takes the opportunity to hit him as he approaches. Calach continues to grab items from the heap of treasure. Com casts a blessing of fervor. Gilgamesh moves, and the dragon attacks him as he moves out of range. Gilgamesh casts a fireball at it. The dragon lands 4 solid hits on Bruiser, before Bruiser take one more swing of his sword finally slaying the beast. Calach heals Gilgamesh as Com uses a healing burst. The all take what they can and return to Magnimar using spells.

Volo, Bruiser, Calach and Gilgamesh set themselves to selling the loot recovered. Com takes Tobias’ body to brother Pieter at the Temple of Imodae. They use the speak with dead spell to ensure he wishes to return and then raise him from the dead. They all meet at the temple later to exchange funds from the sale of loot.

10th of Calistril of 4708
Bruiser and Volo work on preparing the headless dragon carcass (as Com insisted on keeping its head). Volo then returns to the Magnimar market with a wish list from others and funds to purchase such. Com remains in the temple working on making an ion stone while Gilgamesh sets to work on writing spells into his spellbooks. Throughout his remaining time in Magnimar, Com works on an ioun stone, 2 scarab beetles a cloak of resistance. Bruiser spends time away with Sabyl Sorn, renting a suite in town.

18 days are spent in Magnimar. Dinner feasts are eaten everyday. Everyone receives an invitation to the wedding of Bartholemew Glassblower and Sabyl Sorn for the 15th day while you are in town. It is in Sandpoint and the reception is at the Rusty Dragon Inn. During the ceremony, Calach gives them a large gift. When it is unveiled, it is a glass statue of himself hugging both of them worth 500gp for Bruiser to put in his fort.

Gilgamesh gives some spellbooks he is done transcribbinh onto his own to Volo and Calach to sell. Funds are distributed to everyone and the shopping ensues again.

On the night of the 18th day, you feast and drink 4 gallons of meade together.


“Tobias splashed Calach, not I” says Volo. And Volo is holding all the keys thus far. Bruiser offered but Volo ended up holding them anyway. Calach has not touched one yet.

Seeking Runeforge
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