Rise of the Runelords (Candy)

Runeforge Found

28th of Calistril of 4708 AR

This morning you feast before leaving. Tobias decides to remain behind in Magnimar. Com casts status on Bruiser and Calach. Gilgamesh and Com teleport into a sleeping wyvern cavern lair by mistake. Gilgamesh uses his ring to teleport to the dragon’s lair. Everyone else teleported with Calach.

Gilgamesh casts tiny hut so they can wait until dusk between the plateu and steps. At dusk, they secure the last key needed from the stone. Com casts Heroes Feast and Calach casts mage armor. The travel up the stairs and place the keys in the correct columns. The central pillar begins glowing and ripples with vortex of light that combines all seven of the surrounding colors. At the pillar’s base, a vortex whirls in on itself like a vertically aligned whirlpool, opening into a 7-foot-wide circular portal through which can be faintly seen a long tunnel. You all step through. You travel through a tuneel that leads to a domed chamber nearly 200 feet across. A large pool of bubbling prismatic liquid occupies the center of a raised dais in the middle of the chamber. The spiky flanges of the seven-pointed Sihedron are engraved into the marble floor. Each tip of the enormous rune points at a 25 foot tall statue facing the pool with its back approximately 10 feet from a partially concealed arched opening in the wall directly behind it. Each statue depicts a different figure, but all are imperious and finely detailed. Calach identifies each based on the research he conducted at Jorgenfist. They are all the 7 runelords. He sugeest perhaps going to the runelord of wrath first, as she was known to be at war with Karzoug last.

After some converstation, everyone agrees. Volom makes 2 successful checks for divine and arcane ability use from his wands. You travel through a wide corridor of polished marble that opens into a brightly lit and extremely tall chamber. The upper portion of the far wall is entirely covered in a mural of an armored woman with crimson hair holding a burning ranseur and riding the back of a massive red dragon. A square outcropping of smooth marble juts out from the far wall, rising from the floor to a height of 30 feet. An opening in the wall directly behind the flat top of the stone column leads deeper into the section of the vault. a 12-foot tall iron statue stands on this platform, an enormous iron bow gripped in its metal fists and a strange rune that looks almost like a pair of fangs decorating its chest. Calach recognizes the rune as the symbol for the runelord of wrath. Volo checks for traps at the entrance to the room and finds none.

Gilgamesh turns invisible and steps into the room. A thunderous alarm of metallic clanking vibrates of the stones of the chamber, audible for all to hear reverberating. The staues begins to launch what appear to be fire arrows at the spot where you believe Gilgamesh is in. Gilgamesh moves and casts magic missile at it to not affect. It hits him with 4 electric arrows. He runs back into the corridor behind Com. Calach casts phantom steed for Bruiser and draws a wand of mirror image. Bruiser mounts to steed. Com casts Bear Endurance on Gilgamesh. Bruiser drinks a potion of Divine Favor. Volo draws a dagger. Gilgamesh casts magic missile again to no affect. Calach casts haste on everyone. Com casts cure moderate wounds on Gilgamesh. Bruiser uses the steed to air walk up to the statue. As he moves closer, he is slammed by a fist of the statue. Volo runs into the room and reaches the end of the room at the bottom of the outcropping of column the statue is perched on. Gilgamesh moves to the middle of the room. Calach moves in and casts ball of lightning to no effect on the statue. Com moves into the room. Bruiser hits twice, doing major damage thankfully due to the scarab he possesses. Volo puts away his wand and dagger taking a 5-foot step. Calach summons a creature from another plane and instructs it to heal a wounded Bruiser. Com heals Bruiser from afar. The golem opens his maw to release a green gas in the area, hits Bruiser with 1 slam of its fist and steps back 5 feet. Bruiser lands a critical hit on it slaying it. Calach instructs the summoned creature to heal Bruiser again and begin flying the others up to the area. He himself begins to fly closer using his wings. Com casts a cure spell on Gilgamesh.

The follow the path and come to a room with 2 engraved circles in the ground surround large runes in the center. The one to the east is red, while the one to the west is blue. The heroes identify these as teleportation circles. Com, Gilgamesh and Bruiser use the circle first to teleport to another room. They appear in a long chamber filled with practice dummies dressed in battered and scorched suits of armor and a few contraptions bearing sharp implements. Several doors and 2 open corridors exit the chamber along each side wall. An opening in the opposite wall leads to what appears to be a meeting hall. The room is filled with 6 warriors armored with spellbooks and component pouches at their belts holding greatswords at the ready. 6 other creatures armed with greataxes. Bruiser quickly dismounts and begins to ready versus approach. He attacks 1 creature as it approaches him, but is hit by 3 others that swung their greataxes. Gilgamesh casts a fireball. Calach and Volo teleport in using the circle. Calach casts a new spell he learned called firesnake killing a few in the process. Bruiser slays 2 more, as he is hit with 2 axe swings. ?Com casts a cure spell on Bruiser. One warrior casts a fireball on the party while the others cast displacement upon themselves. Calach yells in Thassilonian, “You dare cast at me!” The warriors seem to visually inspect him and upon seeing his tattoo and medallion hanging from his waist one yells. “Kill that one, he must have been sent from the enemy!” Gilgamesh casts an acid fireball, killing the last few. They search the bodies and find none alive. They collect their magic weapons and aromor. Gilgamesh picks up some of their spellbooks. Calach uses the other circle next to the one they entered in and assures everyone it takes them back to the room they were previously in. Apparently the blue circles teleport you to another room, the red circles take you back. After searching the area, they prepare to use the circles found in this room to teleport yet again, choosing the ones on their right.

Bruiser, Com, and Gilgamesh teleport first into another long chamber filled with 2 rows of wide worktables. The far end of the chamber contains 3 wide alcoves. The ones to the north and south filled with all matter of alchemical supplies and large barrels, while the one in the middle contains a single huge vat of what appears to be twitching, foul-smelling flesh. 9 warriors inhabit this room, 2 were at the ready. They attempt to fling some of the foul-smelling substance at Bruiser and Com. Gilgamesh casts a fireball at them. Bruiser yells, “We just slaughtered your friends in the other room, are you really going to fight us!!?” Com translates. One yells, Fireball them all!" They all cast fireballs at the 3 heroes. Com dies in the process on the spot and Gilgamesh goes unconscious. The other heroes teleport into the room. Calach takes Com;s body and teleports to a teleportation circle, leaving to the previous room. Volo takes Gilgamesh’s body, uses a magical item that grants further movement to a teleportation circle leaving to the previous room. Bruiser uses the circle to teleport out, remaining on the circle. Volo uses a wand on Gilgamesh and the others realize Com is dead. Calach uses a limited wish spell to duplicate the raise dead spell using one of Com’s diamonds. He says, “Rise Com, for I am not done with you yet.” Com’s eyes flutter open and air rushes back into his lungs. (13 rounds have passed).

Calach casts resist energy (fire on Com, Bruiser, himself, Volo, and Gilgamesh). Gilgamesh makes Volo invisible, who then uses the circle to teleport to make sure they are able to get back and then returns. In the meantime, Com casts a cure serious and moderate on himself while Bruiser uses his cure moderate potions on himself as well. Volo returns invisible and tells Calach that all is clear. Com asks if anyone needs healing, and no one responds. Com casts Bear’s Endurance on Bruiser. Bruiser also uses 4 more potions (1 Bull’s Strength and 3 Cure Light potions). Volo draws his holy dagger. Gilgamesh makes Bruiser and Volo invisible while Calach casts a haste spell upon everyone.

Bruiser & Volo teleport in first. and the others follow. Bruiser slays 2. 2 fireballs are cast at Bruiser & Volo, yet they emerge unharmed thanks to the spells protecting them. 2 fireballs are cast at the others, but they as well emerge unharmed. The sword battle begins. Volo slays one. Com climbs onto a table and moves cloer in upon it. Gilgamesh casts shied on himself, while Calach lets loose a scorching ray. Bruiser slays yet another. The remaining rest all cast magic missles at Bruiser. One attempts to fling the rancid mixture at Com using his sword. It hits, but does not perhaps have the desired effect on Com. They are all slain except 1 that is kept unconscious.

Calach casts bestow curse on the unconscious male warrior and then detect thoughts. When he is tended to, he is questioned. Calach gleams some information while he is interrogated. He learns some intel on their way of life, breeding practices, and that fact that they are perhaps being watched by the highlady. Bruiser slays him when they are no longer able to gather more information.

The heroes take a few hours to rest, although none fell tired, hungry, or thirsty. Time is spent praying and replenishing spells. Com casts greater restoration to regain his negative levels. He also casts heroes feast for all and sacred bond on Bruiser. Calach casts mage armor and drinks from his magical mug. Bruiser uses a Bull’s strength potion while Com casts Bear’s Endurance on him. Calach casts haste on everyone and protection from fire on all.. Volo attunes himself to the divine schools. Gilgamesh makes Bruiser & Volo invisible. Com casts spell resistance on himself.

Volo & Bruiser teleport into the next large chamber. Its granite walls are covered in spidery glyphs. The ceiling rises 20 feet high, where a mural depicts a redheaded woman holding a flaming ranseur standing atop a burning tower of stone. Swords and Ranseurs rest inside shallow depressions in the walls, glowing faintly to illuminate the chamber. The east side of the room is a solid wall of billowing black smoke. The others teleport in next. Calach casts mirror image and Gilgamesh casts shield on himself.

Gilgamesh detects that the wall is an illusion and sees through it. He informs everyone. All are able to disbelieve its existence minus Com. The next chamber has a wide avenue flanked by crimson stone pillars that run down the chamber – the ceiling arches 60 feet above and seems to be made of fire. At the center of the room, a huge seven-pointed star made of silver is engraved into the floor and surrounded by a circle of low-burning flames. They see what they assume is the highlady, 1 huge demon, and 2 other winged vrocks. The battle ensues as the highlady lets loose a scream in Thassilonian “For furry and hellfire!” She flies up and casts a chain lighting spell on all but Bruiser and Volo.

Bruiser attacks the huge demon, who attempts to hit him as he closes in but misses. Calach casts a greater dispel on the lady, and she falls prone from above. She stands and attempts to cast a spell but fails. Bruiser hits the demon twice. Volo catches his dagger in the air, spring attacks the huge demon in melee with Bruiser. He misses continues moving and slides to a stop in front of the lady and bows at her. Bruiser receives an on slaught of hits from the demon. Gilgamesh casts a cone of cold spell. Calach uses a greater dispel again at the lady and the multiple images of herself disappear. The vrocks release a cloud of spores on Calach and Gilgamesh and one claws at Calach. Com uses a healing burst. The battle continues. The large demon is slain and Bruiser gives the killing blow on the lady. The tattoo that once burned on her forhead in the symbol of the runelord of wrath now appears upon the brow of Bruiser. Gilgamesh uses a rime fireball at the vrocks, killing one. Bruiser slays the last one.

The heroes pick up all valuables in the room. Com casts bless on Calach and Gilgamesh, who had thick vines growing on them from the spores. You return to the first circular chamber of the Runeforge after searching all the rooms in the wing of wrath. Calach studies the room for an hour and attempts to teleport home to no success. They all check to see if the portal they used to enter the Runeforge was still open, but found only a dead end of stone.


As Calach casted the limited wish, he also said “Rise Com, I’m not done with you!”

Runeforge Found
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