Rise of the Runelords (Candy)

The Return to Jorgenfist


Summary below, still needs to be fleshed out

22nd of Abadius of 4708

Bruiser makes construction arrangements for Com’s room adjoining the temple in Thistletop.

Com casts sending to Calach to meet at his temple at noon in Magnimar. He eats breakfast and shops for some items for his temple and magical reagants like rose petals, which were difficult to come by in winter.

When Calach returns to Thistletop he informs the others of Com’s meeting request and teleport everyone outside of Magnimar’s gates. They meet Com and agree to join each other for dinner in the temple.

Bruiser leaves to the Temple of Abadar’s coin house to exchange much of the copper pieces they have retrieved. He purchases 4 smoke googles from a blacksmith, and another 3 from a gnome who said it should help prevent blindness, but it would not make them entirely immune.

Everyone has dinner together at the Temple. Treasure is divided by Bruiser, and all agree to put funds towards purchasing a wand of remove blindness/deafness.

Calach teleports Bruiser, Gilgamesh, Nia, Henry Albert to Thistletop to sleep for the night.

23rd of Abadius of 4708

All spend the day shopping for supplies. You eventually meet and are teleported or word of recalled back to Thistletop to spend the night.

24th of Abadius of 4708

At about 9am, Com casts Status on Bruiser, Calach and Gilgamesh. He also casts Shield Other on Bruiser, while Henry Albert casts Status on Nia, Com, and Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh and Calach casts his own spells on themselves.

Volo gives the invisibility wand to Gilgamesh, while he attempts to attune himself to the use of arcane and divine wands (only being able to successfully study the use of arcane wands).

Gilgamesh then steps into Bruiser’s Bag of Holding, while Henry Albert steps into his own for Nia to carry. Calach teleports everyone else. when they arrive in the room with the cold undead bodies, Gilgamesh and Henry Albert step out of Bags of Holding. Gilgamesh uses the invisibility wand on everyone else.

The party moves together within arms distance to the area they last fought the weird creature (it was no longer there) and Volo steps ahead to check for traps on another door. He finds none. Bruiser opens the door to find 3 strange hound-like creatures take note of the door and then go invisible themselves.


Gilgamesh moves up the line and casts an acid fireball into the room. A fog cloud then fills the entrance to the room and a battle ensues as the area fills with a fog. Nia attempts to hit but misses. Gilgamesh makes himself invisible yet again and moves away. Bruiser engages and lands 2 solid hits, while Com casts Bear’s Endurance. Bruiser is attacked by a hound and as the hound steps back, Bruiser sets forward attempting to hit it yet again but misses. Calach casts haste on Nia and Bruiser both, while Gilgamesh casts some sort of wind spell in an area of the fog. It begins to clear a column-shaped area of the fog. Nia walks out of the door stepping out of the fog and gets attacked by a waiting lumbering metallic-skinned creature. It has a massive fire-filled maw that splits its belly whose short arms end in razor-sharp claws. She calls out to Henry Albert for help. A Molten material spews forth from the creature to cover an area in front of the door and Nia. She yells yet again for help. The creature smiles and whispers to her, “Yes, call out for help.” Nia steps closer to attack, but misses. It returns grievous attacks on Nia. She returns the favor with 2 solid hits. Gilgamesh emerges from the fog only to step into the molten area in the process, making travel within it difficult. It is evident that it is beginning to dry.

The hounds in the fog-filled room are finally dead, slain by the other heroes still in the room. None other than Nia, Henry Albert, and now Gilgamesh know what awaits the others in the hallway. Com lets loose a healing burst within the room to tend to whom he can.


As the hounds are dead, Volo continues to the nearest door placing his ear upon to surface, only to hear nothing. He later uses his magical abilities to pear beyond the door only to find fog. Gilgamesh moves from his spot 5 feet and casts levitate upon himself, while Bruiser yells to everyone to dismiss the fog. Some respond that they did not cast the fog. Bruiser jumps out into the almost dry molten material and continues moving. The creature takes the opportunity to attack him as he moves slowly through the viscous substance. Com finally dispels the fog in the area. However, the creature now casts a wall of fire upon the opening of the hallway separating the party in the process. Calach, still invisible, takes the chance and flies through the fire as a is protected partially from that element. Nia hits the creature a total of 3 times, landing solid blows. Henry Albert continues to watch the other end of the hallway for any enemies alerted to all the noise the battle is making. Volo continues to move around the room while searching. Gilgamesh flies to another position. Bruiser takes his first solid blow to the creature and slays it. Gilgamesh uses his detect magic on the creature and then down the hall. Healing is cast upon those who need.

Gilgamesh uses the invisibility wand on the others and the heroes continue their journey. Bruiser opens the next door to fog. The party follows his lead in only to hear casting and be engulfed in the flames of a fireball. Calach casts resist fire on himself, Bruiser and Nia. Casting is heard again as Com is hit with a disintegrate spell. While Henry Albert casts a cure critical spell upon Com. Com casts a protection spell while Volo draws his weapon and moves into a defensive position. Bruiser walks to the stage and readies his ion stone to absorb a spell as he sees the flying stone giant who must have cast the spell earlier.. Ana encounters a hound when she emerges from the fog and attacks it. Calach places his hand on one of his tattoos and it briefly glows. Com walks out of the fog to see the scene: a hound and a flying stone giant. The giant lets loose another disintegrate spell upon the party. Calach answers by casting the same spell back to the giant. The spell slinging begins! Nia slays the hound. Com casts wall of stone creating a bridge using the stage and column to help Bruiser reach the giant in melee. Calach casts disintegrate again but fails. Gilgamesh readies a spell. A telekinetic fist attempts to hit Gilgamesh, but he succeeds on his save and moves closer to him. Calach casts another disintegrate spell on him. Gilgamesh tries to maneuver himself into another position, and Mokmurian takes the opportunity to strike him with his club. Gilgamesh then lets loose a cold scorching ray. Mokmurian moves and casts a wall of force. Bruiser then jumps off the stage, falls prone and stands up. Nia and Henry Albert move into another area of fog and become ill. As Com does the same in another area of fog and the acrid fog causes him to take damage. Calach flies but runs into the wall of force. Gilgamesh casts fireball. Mokmurian casts a spell and disappears. Others identify it as a dimension door spell. Bruiser runs to the back door near the stage only to find a cave-in on the other side. Calach casts disintegrate on the wall of force and it dissolves. The heroes wait a few minutes and all the fog dissolves. Volo moves toward the chest near the table and checks it for traps before picking its lock and opening it. Com moves to the table and rolls up a map he finds with giant writing found all over it. Everyone takes their time searching the room.

The invisiblity wand is used on all the heroes and they walk out. As they traverse the long hallway with the large door they were unable to open last, they are met yet again with Mokmurian and a group of giants. Mokmurian yells at the other giants that the heroes are invisible and they must attack. Confused and unable to see the heroes they stand there. Com notices that Conna the Wise is with the other giants and she winks. The invisible Bruiser walks a path straight to Mokmurian to engage him. The frustrated giant yells at his subordinates, “You fools he is passing next to you coming to me! Attack him!!” Nia follows. Com distracts the others by yelling obscene things at them in giant. As they make their first attack and become visible. Conna begins to speak to the other giants. The few that understand her listen to rally more than half of the giants to her side. The giants begin to fight amongst themselves as the heroes are now free to face Mokmurian head on. Critically wounded, Mokmurian attempts to cast one last spell. His body suddenly goes rigid. He spasms a few times and then his head turns to face the heroes, mechanically and clumsily, as if being forced to move by massive invisible hands. In a strangely accented voice, a voice that sounds almost human (a few party members identify it as being the same voice from a replaying message in Bruiser’s fort of Karzoug the Runelord), his eyes flaring with a soul-searing emerald radiance:

“So these are the heroes of the age. More like gasping worms — worms to be crushed back into the earth when I awaken the armies of Xin-Shalast, when Karzoug is again spoken with fear and awe. Know that the death of those marked by the Sihedron — the giants you have so conveniently slain for me — hasten my return, just as yours soon will. Fools, all of you. Is this all you could manage in 10,000 years?”

There is a cruel, mocking laugh that echoes and fades. Mokurian’s head snaps and he falls dead on the stone floors before you. You watch the giants finish their in-fighting and Conna emerges victorious. She advises the others to leave you be. She will lead all the stone giants out of this blasphemous place back to their ancestral homeland where they belong in the Storval Plateau. She cares not what you do here. She leaves., and the traitor Mokmurian’s body is left behind.

You search his belongings and take them along with the treasure you found in his chest in the room:

The body: scroll of limited wish, wand of bear’s endurance, +1 defending spell-storing club, bag of holding type 2 containing all his spell books (0-6 spells from Core Book), fog-cutting lenses, robe of runes, a key shaped like the sihedron rune, 500gp in diamond dust.

The chest:12,000 gp, 1,100 pp, an amber & sapphire necklace worth 4,000 gp, a set of ivory runestones worth 1,400 gp, a scroll of contact other plane

Map below with writing in giant.


The heroes take the oddly-shaped key and use it on the door. It opens to reveal a library. Numerous glowing lanterns hang on fine chains from the domed ceiling sixty feet above, filling this circular room with bright light. The walls of the room are carved with more runes and sigils, while overstuffed wodd-and-leather chairs, polished oak tables surround a 30 foot wide and 50 foot deep shaft in the floor that contains endless books, scrolls, tablets etc. As soon as Bruiser walks in the mechanical looking creature spurs to life and approaches him speaking in an odd language. Gilgamesh and Calach understand it to be Thassilonian. It says, “Which volume of lore would you like me to retrieve for you? There are currently 24, 491 volumes, scrolls, pamphlets, and unbound manuscripts available. Please indicate your wish by author, title, subject, or date of acquisition by the Therassic Monastery.”

The heroes spend hours researching in the library gathering the below information:



Gilgamesh casts his eye spell to look around the level for a few minutes. Com casts Shield Other on Bruiser and everyone heads to the room with the large bubbling cauldron. They enter the room invisible yet again to bypass it. A few of the members become blinded by the acrid smoke in the room. Blindness is removed and the heroes continue to the room they called the shrinking room. After some evaluation, Volo is able to disable this magical trap and the heroes pass undisturbed. They then enter the shrine of Lamashtu and discover a dead Lamia. They remove the valuables from the room and the body. They then come across 5 imprisoned dwarves in cages that have had their hair and beards removed. The emaciated dwarves are barely conscious. They are released. Calach teleports them and Bruiser to Thistletop, where they are given a guest room and a meal. Calach and Bruiser return to Jorgenfist and the heroes decide to camp for the night in Conna’s previous shrine.

25th of Abadius of 4708
Gilgamesh uses his eye spell to view some more of the other areas (as Calach uses his detect thoughts to monitor) and reports what he sees to the others. They decide to teleport Magnimar and Calach leaves them to tend to his personal errands. Volo and Bruiser sell treasure, while others remain at the temple of Imodae. Com leaves the others to tend to his personal errands as well.

Later that night, Com takes some of the others to Bruiser fort to sleep for the night. They are informed that the dwarves left to Sandpoint to search for employment in smithing and have eaten almost all of the food that was in the pantry. /Bruiser pays the servants to refill the stock in the morning,

26th of Abadius of 4708
In the morning, Com uses a sending spell. They return to Magnimar. When they meet with Calach, he informs them of a problem Sandpoint is having. The ground collapsed just north of the garrision right in the middle of Tower Street. The north wall of the garrison took some damage, and while fortunately no one was seriously hurt when the sinkhole appeared, that’s not the case anymore. The guards Sheriff Hemlock sent into the pit to investigate never returned. That very night, the town heard something horrible down there: dogs howling — like dogs no one has ever heard before — and bloodcurdling screams. The Sheriff has roped off the sinkhole, and so far nothing has come up , but those sounds are growing every night.
Part of the party teleports back to Thistletop’s shrine to Milani and ride their horses to Sandpoint. Calach attempts to teleport but fails twice ended up in different cities. They say the third time is the charm.


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