Rise of the Runelords (Candy)

Licking Our Wounds in Magnimar

17th of Abadius of 4708

Volo, Bruiser & Calach arrive in the Kaijitsu townhome in Magnimar. They sell what they can throughout the day and purchase a wand of invisibility.

A blind Com, a blind Gilgamesh and Nia arrive at the temple of Imodae in Magnimar. Com sends Nia out in search of Fiona. She comes upon Fiona helping in the birth of a breach child. She remains to assist for an hour. Com enters the hallway calling for help and comes upon a boy named Matthew, who is sent to retrieve her. Brother Pieter returns with him and makes mention that she is not available to assist at the moment. Matthew takes come and the dead Henry Albert to the preparation room. Matthew cleans and prepares his body. Nia returns to the room to find Gilgamesh there waiting. She is informed about Com, but Gilgamesh refuses to go with her to find him. He stays in the room. Brother Pieter only has one spell to help heal the blindness from one person. Com sends him to Gilgamesh to remove his blindness.

A blind Com begins the ritual to raise from the dead Henry Albert amidst the questions of Gilgamesh. As Henry Albert takes his first breathes, so does a child that is brought into this world at the same moment with the aide of the priestess Fiona.

She enters the room with sweat on her brow and blood all over her apron. She agrees to return in a moments time after praying for the spell to help Com with his sight. Fiona returns after a few minutes cleaned and ready. Com is taken back to his room where the spell is returns his sight.

The next 2 days the heroes spend personal time shopping and Henry Albert finding a way to request audience with the high protector of the Cathedral of Abadar Jyronn Imiker to restore his potency.

Calach, Bruiser, Fiona and Com take a trip to Sandpoint. Com, with the aide of Fiona, sets up a shrine to Milani inside Bruisers Whistletop Fort. Calach leaves them to their own devices. Eventually all return back to Magnimar.

20th of Abadius of 4708

Before departing back to the shrine in Jorgenfist, the heroes place invisibility on themselves, and Calach teleports them to a heavily guarded Jorgenfist. After having heard some whispers, it seems that Conna realizes that they are present and convinces 2 of the guards to accompany her on a perimeter check. Many guards are positioned in each area, but all are able to make it to an antechamber before the trolls that guard the entrance to the library below.

The heroes approach the trolls while invisible, but the trolls sense their presence, as they begin to sniff the area around them. A Silence is placed at the entrance to the cave to prevent the sounds of battle exiting to the other areas. A battle ensues, and the heroes make an and of the trolls after some battle, but are now all left visible. They retrieve items on the trolls.

As Gilgamesh casts spells on himself, Com casts Bear’s Endurance on Henry Albert, Calach removes a tankard from his belt. He holds it up and asks, “Grandfather, may I be brave in the battle ahead. Grant me the strength of our bloodline.” Bruiser continues to coup de grace the trolls. The invisibility wand is used on all but Gilgamesh. As the heroes move forward using Calach’s dancing lights towards the winding tunnel that leads to the library levels below (or so they guess), Gilgamesh uses the light from his wayfinder to stay behind and casts some spells on the troll corpses.

The tunnel walls wind deeper into the ground, yet the presence of rough contours along the cave walls seem to lessen every several paces – the deeper the cave goes, the more like worked stone the passageway seems. They arrive at an intersection and continue towards the path that has some dim light emanating from it. They stop before enteing a peculiar room. A pair of double doors stands in the southern wall of the room. The floor is made of glossy, polished black-and-gray marble. Nothing in the room compares to the curious effect that its walls have – looking into the room, it’s bizarrely impossible to judge the chamber’s exact dimensions. Any wall looked at directly remains stable, but through peripheral vision the walls elsewhere seem to stretch away into impossibly infinite gulfs, as if the room itself were somehow unhooked from it’s own physicality. The sheets of pale light flicker across the walls only to add to the disorienting effect. Volo steps forward to inspect the floor ahead of him for traps, but detects none. He makes mention that he wishes to go forward and check the door, but Bruiser insists that someone detect magic in the room due to its peculiar nature.

Com detects a strong aura of magic within the room, but cannot determine the school of this magic. Volo takes a step in and immediately becomes nauseated and disorientated by the shifting appearance of the walls. The room appears to become bigger as he shrinks in stature unbeknownst to all his comrades except Gilgamesh, who now happens to have caught up with the heroes. He walks back into the hallway past the others and begins to vomit. After a sort respite when the vomiting ends, Volo explains his predicament and the fact that he saw 2 immense odd looking giants against the north wall in the room with vacant expressions and glowing runes carved into their flesh.

The heroes decide to check the other path from the intersection they came across previously. They come across and empty odd area. Where the walls meet, hard angles have been polished away to smooth but tight arcs that somewhat soften the transitions from wall to wall or to floor or ceiling. With no hard lines defining the edges of the room, the place seems subtly alien. Finding no other path, they return to the previous area.

Com attempts to cast a dispel magic upon to room to no success. Calach casts a mage hand spell to attempt to open the double doors to the south to no avail and then casts a fireball into the room and a battle with the hill giants ensues. Calach reduces the strength of one of the the giants with a ray of enfeeblement and then casts stinking cloud into the room. The others wait, as visibility of the giants in the room is now reduced. He casts another fireball. When the air clears, the giants are not visible from the heroes vantage point again. Bruiser enters the room and appears to be unaffected by the magic that got Volo. He engages the giants in hand-to-hand battle. During the battle all who enter the room are reduced in size with the exception of Bruiser and Calach. Bruiser ebentually slays both creatures. The invisible wand is used yet again on all, but Gilgamesh (who uses his own invisibility).

Gilgamesh opens the southern doors to another hall that leads to a chamber. Runes carved in bands along the walls of this chamber, which is unnervingly lit by a reddish glow from the slowly burning flames in a shallow firepit in the center of the room. An immense 12 foot tall iron cauldron, its side emblazoned with the etching of a seven-pointed star, stands above these flames. Smoke rises from the cauldron’s unseen bubbling contents, and a halo of human bones and scraps of what might be dried flesh lie scattered around the cauldron’s three-pronged base. 2 large stone statues with skull-like faces and glowing runes carved into their foreheads stand at the end of the room by the entrance to the next hall. The invisible heroes enter the room and traverse its space. All, except Bruiser and Volo, begin to feel a burning itching sensation in their throats and eyes. Henry Albert makes mention he is blinded by this, yet they continue. Volo and Nia feel slowed by some sort of effect as they pass the exit of the room. In the next hallway, Com removes Henry Albert’s blindness and although he yet feels a burning sensation in the eyes, he is no longer blinded.

After traversing the next hall, they approach the entrance to a new room. The chill in this room isn’t quite enough to frost the floors and walls, but it is certainly enough to frost the breath. The room itself contains several large suits of armor mounted on what appears to be frozen or preserved ogres, trolls. and hill giants, all staged as if rallying for war. Bruiser enters the room and attacks the first 2. They all begin to move and a battle ensues. Bruisers slays 2 of the creatures. Calach casts a fireball into the room, followed by Gilgamesh who casts another slaying all but one creature, a headless body in full plate armed with 2 glowing axes, in the room. Gilgamesh casts a scorching ray upon it while it is engaged with Bruiser and Calach unleashes a volley of magic missiles on it. After a few swings, Bruiser eventually slays the beast. They remove the axes and armor from the body, as it is discovered they are magical. The magical full plate +1 armor remains large, but the runechill magical axes seem to magical resize themselves to their wearers. (Figure out how and where you will carry the wait of the large armor).

Those of you that messaged me with other things you did on down time, you have details in player secrets. I believe you can only see them if you log in, as they are not sent apart of the email. Let me know if you want to add anything, or email me any conversations you would like roll played out.


Gilgamesh discusses killing the statues in the previous room now. The others mention that it would waste valuable time and spells, as they could just teleport out. Bruiser takes the items that have been taken thus far out of his bag of holding and the party takes a few minutes to identify the magical items. ?they then discuss what they should do next. Calach gives Volo a wand of enfeeblement and Com hands him a wand of cure light wounds for emergencies, After trying to atune himself with using the wands, he is unable to activate the cure light wand and returns in to Com.

Invisibility is cast on the heroes using a wand, with the exception of Gilgamesh whom casts it himself. Calach castes dancing lights to light the way while Bruiser begins to lead the party forward. Com takes his morning star out and casts light upon it as well. The long hallway has a looming ceiling 40 feet above and is decorated with an intricate display of stone supports & beams. The walls are carved in long swaths of densely scribed runes – the 7 pointed star is repeated often. To the east, the hallway has caved in entirely – a battered door protrudes from the rubble, but the hall beyond is completely filled with detritus. To the west, the hall ends at an immense bronze double doors that bear a huge mirrorlike silver inlay of the ubiquitous 7 pointed star. This set of doors has no obvious hinges, handles, or locks, save for a single tiny star-shaped indention at the center of the larger mirrored star.

Volo detects no visible traps on the door, but no mechanical means of trying to open it. Calach hands the amulet he has carried throughout the adventure to Gilgamesh, who then hands it to Volo to try to use as a key, but it does not fit. Volo places his hands upon the door, and magically peers into the room beyond. He tells the others that it appears to be a library with only a metal construct inside.

Calach takes out a chime of opening and rings it before the door. The surface of the door becomes infused with a dull gray glow. The glow rapidly brightens to a near-blinding intensity, and then a strange figure floats out of the door’s surface. It seems humanoid, but it’s hard to tell since the entire thing sheds harsh, blinding light. All the heroes are blinded by this light, save for Nia. The creature begins screaming and the battle ensures and rays of light shoot to Nia.

Henry Albert casts a cleanse spell on himself, only to become blinded by the harsh light yet again, but not before being hit by the burning rays from the creature too. The others are confused and chaotic without being able to engage this beast. Volo uses his scorching ray wand and lands a solid hit with a ray, but Nia sees it has no affect on it. Com lets loose a healing burst to those around his area. Bruiser hands Nia an air elemental gem from his bag of holding, and she smashes it open. A large air elemental appears and she commands it to attack the creature. Com heals Gilgamesh of his blindness, but he too then becomes blinded yet again by the light of the creature.

It lands 2 solid blows. Calach summons forth a lantern archon to also engage with it in battle. Nia then commands it to bring the creature to it. As the elemental attempts to grapple it, the creature takes the opportunity to strike it down before it can. Henry Albert comes to Nia and announces that he will be casting a spell within moments to whisk those touching in his area away to Korvosa. Calach takes the opportunity to teleport Bruiser, Volo, Nia and Henry Albert away to Thistletop (Bruiser’s makeshift fort), but leaves behind Com and Gilgamesh. Com teleports himself and Gilgamesh within the next second to the shrine within Thistletop as well.

Bruiser yells for his servants to wake & help him, as all are blinded save Nia. Calach summons a red mastiff hound, speaks celestial to it as it helps to guide him. The servants take the heroes to the meeting room and bring some quick snacks, as it is way past meal time (you arrive around 2 am).

Com retires to restin a room, as the others stay behind to lick their wounds and sulk. Eventually everyone retires to rooms for the night.

21st of Abadius of 4708

All heroes awaken to find that they are now regular size. They are escorted to the meeting room to breakfast. When all are present, the clerics remove the blindness from those requiring it. They discuss events and plans over breakfast. Calach and Bruiser step out to have a private conversation, and Calach leaves for some time. Bruiser eventually summons everyone to a common room filled with coin and treasure and begins to divide equal shares for everyone. Gilgamesh makes mention that he recognizes its contents as those found in the cave above Jorgenfist.

After a few hours Calach returns with some information he was able to research at a couple of magic schools in Varisia. The creature they faced is apparently extremely rare and any information on it is minimal. Ancient wizards have come to call them Shining Children. They are a mystery and the greatest secret is their origin. Theories range from: beings from an unknown dimension perhaps, avatars of a dying star grown sentient, or creatures of light battling a living darkness at the edge of reality. It is believed that perhaps they were summoned by very powerful wizards with rare arcane knowledge of ancient Thassilon maybe to guard something important.

Calach leaves to take care of some other business, and Com teleports himself along with Volo and Gilgamesh to Magnimar.


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