Rise of the Runelords (Candy)

Runeforge Found

28th of Calistril of 4708 AR

This morning you feast before leaving. Tobias decides to remain behind in Magnimar. Com casts status on Bruiser and Calach. Gilgamesh and Com teleport into a sleeping wyvern cavern lair by mistake. Gilgamesh uses his ring to teleport to the dragon’s lair. Everyone else teleported with Calach.

Gilgamesh casts tiny hut so they can wait until dusk between the plateu and steps. At dusk, they secure the last key needed from the stone. Com casts Heroes Feast and Calach casts mage armor. The travel up the stairs and place the keys in the correct columns. The central pillar begins glowing and ripples with vortex of light that combines all seven of the surrounding colors. At the pillar’s base, a vortex whirls in on itself like a vertically aligned whirlpool, opening into a 7-foot-wide circular portal through which can be faintly seen a long tunnel. You all step through. You travel through a tuneel that leads to a domed chamber nearly 200 feet across. A large pool of bubbling prismatic liquid occupies the center of a raised dais in the middle of the chamber. The spiky flanges of the seven-pointed Sihedron are engraved into the marble floor. Each tip of the enormous rune points at a 25 foot tall statue facing the pool with its back approximately 10 feet from a partially concealed arched opening in the wall directly behind it. Each statue depicts a different figure, but all are imperious and finely detailed. Calach identifies each based on the research he conducted at Jorgenfist. They are all the 7 runelords. He sugeest perhaps going to the runelord of wrath first, as she was known to be at war with Karzoug last.

After some converstation, everyone agrees. Volom makes 2 successful checks for divine and arcane ability use from his wands. You travel through a wide corridor of polished marble that opens into a brightly lit and extremely tall chamber. The upper portion of the far wall is entirely covered in a mural of an armored woman with crimson hair holding a burning ranseur and riding the back of a massive red dragon. A square outcropping of smooth marble juts out from the far wall, rising from the floor to a height of 30 feet. An opening in the wall directly behind the flat top of the stone column leads deeper into the section of the vault. a 12-foot tall iron statue stands on this platform, an enormous iron bow gripped in its metal fists and a strange rune that looks almost like a pair of fangs decorating its chest. Calach recognizes the rune as the symbol for the runelord of wrath. Volo checks for traps at the entrance to the room and finds none.

Gilgamesh turns invisible and steps into the room. A thunderous alarm of metallic clanking vibrates of the stones of the chamber, audible for all to hear reverberating. The staues begins to launch what appear to be fire arrows at the spot where you believe Gilgamesh is in. Gilgamesh moves and casts magic missile at it to not affect. It hits him with 4 electric arrows. He runs back into the corridor behind Com. Calach casts phantom steed for Bruiser and draws a wand of mirror image. Bruiser mounts to steed. Com casts Bear Endurance on Gilgamesh. Bruiser drinks a potion of Divine Favor. Volo draws a dagger. Gilgamesh casts magic missile again to no affect. Calach casts haste on everyone. Com casts cure moderate wounds on Gilgamesh. Bruiser uses the steed to air walk up to the statue. As he moves closer, he is slammed by a fist of the statue. Volo runs into the room and reaches the end of the room at the bottom of the outcropping of column the statue is perched on. Gilgamesh moves to the middle of the room. Calach moves in and casts ball of lightning to no effect on the statue. Com moves into the room. Bruiser hits twice, doing major damage thankfully due to the scarab he possesses. Volo puts away his wand and dagger taking a 5-foot step. Calach summons a creature from another plane and instructs it to heal a wounded Bruiser. Com heals Bruiser from afar. The golem opens his maw to release a green gas in the area, hits Bruiser with 1 slam of its fist and steps back 5 feet. Bruiser lands a critical hit on it slaying it. Calach instructs the summoned creature to heal Bruiser again and begin flying the others up to the area. He himself begins to fly closer using his wings. Com casts a cure spell on Gilgamesh.

The follow the path and come to a room with 2 engraved circles in the ground surround large runes in the center. The one to the east is red, while the one to the west is blue. The heroes identify these as teleportation circles. Com, Gilgamesh and Bruiser use the circle first to teleport to another room. They appear in a long chamber filled with practice dummies dressed in battered and scorched suits of armor and a few contraptions bearing sharp implements. Several doors and 2 open corridors exit the chamber along each side wall. An opening in the opposite wall leads to what appears to be a meeting hall. The room is filled with 6 warriors armored with spellbooks and component pouches at their belts holding greatswords at the ready. 6 other creatures armed with greataxes. Bruiser quickly dismounts and begins to ready versus approach. He attacks 1 creature as it approaches him, but is hit by 3 others that swung their greataxes. Gilgamesh casts a fireball. Calach and Volo teleport in using the circle. Calach casts a new spell he learned called firesnake killing a few in the process. Bruiser slays 2 more, as he is hit with 2 axe swings. ?Com casts a cure spell on Bruiser. One warrior casts a fireball on the party while the others cast displacement upon themselves. Calach yells in Thassilonian, “You dare cast at me!” The warriors seem to visually inspect him and upon seeing his tattoo and medallion hanging from his waist one yells. “Kill that one, he must have been sent from the enemy!” Gilgamesh casts an acid fireball, killing the last few. They search the bodies and find none alive. They collect their magic weapons and aromor. Gilgamesh picks up some of their spellbooks. Calach uses the other circle next to the one they entered in and assures everyone it takes them back to the room they were previously in. Apparently the blue circles teleport you to another room, the red circles take you back. After searching the area, they prepare to use the circles found in this room to teleport yet again, choosing the ones on their right.

Bruiser, Com, and Gilgamesh teleport first into another long chamber filled with 2 rows of wide worktables. The far end of the chamber contains 3 wide alcoves. The ones to the north and south filled with all matter of alchemical supplies and large barrels, while the one in the middle contains a single huge vat of what appears to be twitching, foul-smelling flesh. 9 warriors inhabit this room, 2 were at the ready. They attempt to fling some of the foul-smelling substance at Bruiser and Com. Gilgamesh casts a fireball at them. Bruiser yells, “We just slaughtered your friends in the other room, are you really going to fight us!!?” Com translates. One yells, Fireball them all!" They all cast fireballs at the 3 heroes. Com dies in the process on the spot and Gilgamesh goes unconscious. The other heroes teleport into the room. Calach takes Com;s body and teleports to a teleportation circle, leaving to the previous room. Volo takes Gilgamesh’s body, uses a magical item that grants further movement to a teleportation circle leaving to the previous room. Bruiser uses the circle to teleport out, remaining on the circle. Volo uses a wand on Gilgamesh and the others realize Com is dead. Calach uses a limited wish spell to duplicate the raise dead spell using one of Com’s diamonds. He says, “Rise Com, for I am not done with you yet.” Com’s eyes flutter open and air rushes back into his lungs. (13 rounds have passed).

Calach casts resist energy (fire on Com, Bruiser, himself, Volo, and Gilgamesh). Gilgamesh makes Volo invisible, who then uses the circle to teleport to make sure they are able to get back and then returns. In the meantime, Com casts a cure serious and moderate on himself while Bruiser uses his cure moderate potions on himself as well. Volo returns invisible and tells Calach that all is clear. Com asks if anyone needs healing, and no one responds. Com casts Bear’s Endurance on Bruiser. Bruiser also uses 4 more potions (1 Bull’s Strength and 3 Cure Light potions). Volo draws his holy dagger. Gilgamesh makes Bruiser and Volo invisible while Calach casts a haste spell upon everyone.

Bruiser & Volo teleport in first. and the others follow. Bruiser slays 2. 2 fireballs are cast at Bruiser & Volo, yet they emerge unharmed thanks to the spells protecting them. 2 fireballs are cast at the others, but they as well emerge unharmed. The sword battle begins. Volo slays one. Com climbs onto a table and moves cloer in upon it. Gilgamesh casts shied on himself, while Calach lets loose a scorching ray. Bruiser slays yet another. The remaining rest all cast magic missles at Bruiser. One attempts to fling the rancid mixture at Com using his sword. It hits, but does not perhaps have the desired effect on Com. They are all slain except 1 that is kept unconscious.

Calach casts bestow curse on the unconscious male warrior and then detect thoughts. When he is tended to, he is questioned. Calach gleams some information while he is interrogated. He learns some intel on their way of life, breeding practices, and that fact that they are perhaps being watched by the highlady. Bruiser slays him when they are no longer able to gather more information.

The heroes take a few hours to rest, although none fell tired, hungry, or thirsty. Time is spent praying and replenishing spells. Com casts greater restoration to regain his negative levels. He also casts heroes feast for all and sacred bond on Bruiser. Calach casts mage armor and drinks from his magical mug. Bruiser uses a Bull’s strength potion while Com casts Bear’s Endurance on him. Calach casts haste on everyone and protection from fire on all.. Volo attunes himself to the divine schools. Gilgamesh makes Bruiser & Volo invisible. Com casts spell resistance on himself.

Volo & Bruiser teleport into the next large chamber. Its granite walls are covered in spidery glyphs. The ceiling rises 20 feet high, where a mural depicts a redheaded woman holding a flaming ranseur standing atop a burning tower of stone. Swords and Ranseurs rest inside shallow depressions in the walls, glowing faintly to illuminate the chamber. The east side of the room is a solid wall of billowing black smoke. The others teleport in next. Calach casts mirror image and Gilgamesh casts shield on himself.

Gilgamesh detects that the wall is an illusion and sees through it. He informs everyone. All are able to disbelieve its existence minus Com. The next chamber has a wide avenue flanked by crimson stone pillars that run down the chamber – the ceiling arches 60 feet above and seems to be made of fire. At the center of the room, a huge seven-pointed star made of silver is engraved into the floor and surrounded by a circle of low-burning flames. They see what they assume is the highlady, 1 huge demon, and 2 other winged vrocks. The battle ensues as the highlady lets loose a scream in Thassilonian “For furry and hellfire!” She flies up and casts a chain lighting spell on all but Bruiser and Volo.

Bruiser attacks the huge demon, who attempts to hit him as he closes in but misses. Calach casts a greater dispel on the lady, and she falls prone from above. She stands and attempts to cast a spell but fails. Bruiser hits the demon twice. Volo catches his dagger in the air, spring attacks the huge demon in melee with Bruiser. He misses continues moving and slides to a stop in front of the lady and bows at her. Bruiser receives an on slaught of hits from the demon. Gilgamesh casts a cone of cold spell. Calach uses a greater dispel again at the lady and the multiple images of herself disappear. The vrocks release a cloud of spores on Calach and Gilgamesh and one claws at Calach. Com uses a healing burst. The battle continues. The large demon is slain and Bruiser gives the killing blow on the lady. The tattoo that once burned on her forhead in the symbol of the runelord of wrath now appears upon the brow of Bruiser. Gilgamesh uses a rime fireball at the vrocks, killing one. Bruiser slays the last one.

The heroes pick up all valuables in the room. Com casts bless on Calach and Gilgamesh, who had thick vines growing on them from the spores. You return to the first circular chamber of the Runeforge after searching all the rooms in the wing of wrath. Calach studies the room for an hour and attempts to teleport home to no success. They all check to see if the portal they used to enter the Runeforge was still open, but found only a dead end of stone.

Seeking Runeforge

2nd of Calistril of 4708 AR Merrymead

The heroes meet downstairs and are offered free drinks. Bruiser puts on his winter clothes. Volo and Calach leave to go shopping for winter clothing for the others, while they remain behind at the Inn. They find all sorts of celebration and debauchery happening in broad daylight in the pirate capital of Varisia on the way to a nearby store. Volo catches a woman attempting to pick his pocket, but prevents it. His silver tongue dodges any commotion in the group. If the others were about with them, he might not have been so lucky. They continue foraward and purchase the required clothing. They make it back to the Inn without much incident.

Calach teleports all to Brinewall in two trips. The weather this far north is freezing and the wind gives no reprieve. They travel the path for some time before coming across a creature that appears to be feasting on the remains of a party of people ahead before it notices them.

A battle ensues and Volo slays the beast. They continue on the road, with snow crunching underfoot, camp and spend the rest of the night uneventfully.

3rd-5th of Calistril of 4708 AR
Com creates food and water for those that require such. Status is also cast and the journey continues uneventfully.

6th of Calistril of 4708 AR
At sundown on their journey, the heroes are met with a volley of arrows from a group of vulture-like humanoids from above that seem to use their legs to shoot large bows. The heroes emerge victorious once again. Some way away, Gilgamesh casts a secure shelter and they camp for the night.

7th of Calistril of 4708 AR
You awake the morning in a good mood. traveling by foot in the frozen ground and snow leaves you sore, but you receive a much needed rest in a sturdy warm cottage with warm beds. Com provides food and water in the morning. Volo exits the building a take a breathe of fresh cold air. The sting of it beginning already to invade and numb the extremities, he does some stretching.

Com imbues Bruiser with 2 cure light wounds spells and a shield other spell. Everyone walks out of the shelter and continues the arduous journey by foot. In the distance, you they come across what appear to be 2 yeti creatures that appear to be looking into great holes in the permafrost ahead. they begin to slowly approach. After some time, the yeti appear to notice them and begin to approach. Bruiser and a few others brandish weapons as they begin to inch closer. After approaching closer, Bruiser becomes paralyzed with fear after looking into their red glowing eyes. Calach casts mage armor on himself. The yeti appear to yell something in another language to each other (Bruiser and Gilgamesh are able to understand) and begin to leave the area.

Suddenly, you feel the ground vibrating. A great frost worm (as Gilgamesh described it) breaks through the ground! He warns you as you approach that the beast is known to have an icy breath weapon according to the tomes he has read.

Volo gets nearer and throws a dagger at the creatures, wounding it. It opens its massive jaws and breathes a blast of icy air upon all but Gilgamesh that stayed behind. Nia approaches it and it takes a bite out of her. She is able to swing once at its side wounding it. Volo’s dagger magically returns to his hand, he throws it again and it strikes true wounding the worm. Com casts a healing burst, and continues throughout the battle to provide support with spells like Beacon of Hope and Blessing of Fervor. Bruiser approaches the frost worm and it takes a bite out of him. However, he is now positioned to flank the creature with a few others. Gilgamesh casts a fireball at it that grievously singes the beast but not enough to kill it. Nia hacks at the creature with 3 mighty blows. It gives a trilling screech and it explodes in an icy blast spraying everyone within 100 feet with shards of ice.

Com falls in battle. Volo, never moving so quickly before, covers a large distance and is quickly at his side using a wand of cure light wounds to attempt to revive him. His eyes flutter open gasping for air as he grabs his chest riddled with icicles. He asks for his morning star. Gilgamesh retrieves it handing it back to him. He slowly stands and lets loose a healing burst. The heroes take time to heal themselves with Tobias and Com’s aide. They check the great holes only to find a dead female yeti body. They retrieve it, leave it in the area and continue forth on their quest before finding a spot to camp for the night. As Gilgamesh casts his spells for shelter, the others hear a forlorn howl in the distance.

Gilgamesh sets himself down on a desk to work on his spellbook. Com settles down at his desk and lights his pipe. Gilgamesh states that the smell of it is offensive and that he should go outside to smoke it. Volo disagrees stating it would not be wise to send their only cleric out in the night to do this. Perhaps he should just deal with the smell. Prestidigitation is cast frequently. Tobias makes conversation with Com and recommends perhaps he should borrow his ring to help protect him in future battles, but he refuses. Com places a tea pot over the hearth to begin to warm. He takes out his tub and begins to fill it with water that is then warmed. He proceeds to bath and drink his tea in the tub. Nia insists on taking a bath next. Volo happily obliges to help fill the tub with warm water. He asks if she requires assistance. At this, Bruiser states that perhaps everyone should step out to give her privacy. No one agrees to this suggestion. As Com suggests perhaps placing a blanket as a shield, Nia undresses and proceeds to bathe in front of all. The discussion ends. Calach decides to bathe after. Gilgamesh has the unseen servant clean everyone’s armor and prestidigitation is cast on everyone’s clothing later. The night goes on uneventfully.

8th of Calistril of 4708 AR
Uneventful day of journey and bathing at night.

9th of Calistril of 4708 AR
At dusk you approach the rocky eastern shoreline of Lake Stormunder. The temperature has dropped significantly here, the wind howls loudly. The ground rises into the craggy snow-dappled roots of Rimeskull, casting its long shadow over this area. Yet not all of the ground here is rugged and mountainous. Several hundred feet from the lakes edge, the land suddenly levels off to create a circular hill. Rocks and tenacious shrubs poke through the scattered clumps of snow here, but they are dwarfed by the ring of seven ten-foot tall stone heads that circle the hill’s edge, their faces angled inward toward each other, mouths agape. To the east the sheer mountainside of Rimeskull rises, icy and windblasted – two hundred feet above leers a carving of an ancient face, its gapping mouth forming a large cave entrance in the mountainside. A ten-foot-wide stairway of stone descends from this cave to a ledge only fifty feet to the east of the circle of stone faces.

Calach recalls something he read at his long days of research and study in Jorgenfist library. The runelords often carved depictions of their visages upon mountaintops to towering statues that watched over the cities. Rimeskull’s face, however, overlooked the site of Runeforge itself, to symbolize that all 7 runelords shared this territory, they agreed to mark the location with the carving of the face of their empire’s first emperor, Xin. Yet rather than depict the emperor as he appeared in life, the runelords, who overthrew Xin in a violent rebellion, immortalized him in the way they preferred to remember him – as a dead emperor.

Calach dips an arrow in the steaming lake, but nothing happens to it. Tobias splashes him using his hand with the water. It seems warm to the touch; perhaps it is a natural hot spring. Com uses his pearl of power to cast status on the fighters and Volo. Calach uses 3 teleport spells to attempt to get everyone to the other side of the lake near the hill (the second spell gets him off track further south of his location). They climb the hill. He is able to identify all the runelord statues and their respective schools, having studied such in the library. He casts the corresponding spell on 6 of the seven statues as Volo offers each a prayer. On each, the spell is absorbed by the statue causing it to glow with energy for a moment and the ground vibrates as a piercing trill emanates from the heads. The glow and sound fade completely after several seconds, at which point a gold key appears in their mouth. Volo seems to be the only one holding keys thus far. As they are doing this, Gilgamesh casts his own spells on himself making him invisible.

Suddenly, the wind picks up and a blast of cold magic is breathed upon them as a white dragon appears out of nowhere flying above and attempts to land some of the heroes. A few shaken with fear begin to flee the area. A battle ensues with the few that remain of magic, claw and bite. The heroes soon feel outmatched and begin to flee leaving poor Tobias toe to toe with the creature. As the others are running, Calach catches up with Bruiser, who was fleeing in freight, and casts a resist energy cold spell upon him. Com casts Waterwalk on himself as he flees upon the the surface of the lake. As the others look back while they run they see him fall in battle. The dragon grabs him in his maw and flies off toward the opening in Rimeskull. The fear effect the others were under eventually fades and all meet up but Nia, who seemed not to return. Perhaps she returned to the frozen plains of her people. Volo returns to pick up Tobias’ sword. Com uses a healing burst upon the party, while Calach casts a resist energy upon himself and Volo.

They discuss what to do next. They agree to try to retrieve the body of Tobias before it is eaten by the dragon.

Calach casts a resist energy spell upon Com and they all ascend the stairway as Bruiser drinks a potion of Bull’s Strength and Calach readies a haste spell. Earth elementals seem to appear out of the stairs and begin to attack Com and Volo. Calach’s haste goes off. Com uses another healing burst upon all. All seem to be attacked by the creatures except Calach. Bruiser is hit opportunistically as he moves in. Volo yells, “Who do I help?” Bruiser responds to help those in the back. In a feat of acrobatic wonder, Volo flips over Gilgamesh while pulling a wand from his belt. Gilgamesh goes invisible. Calach casts defensively a scorching ray spell. Bruiser in knocked solidly by the elemental and is flung in the air into Calach falling prone. The other slams its fist into Volo flinging him in the air knocking into Gilgamesh, but his catlike reflexes allow him to land on his feet from the ordeal. Bruiser stands from his prone position and receives another hit in the process. Volo uses his spring attack but misses. Gilgamesh attempts to move while invisible, but the creatures seem to feel the vibration on the ground as he does so, taking the opportunity to hit him. He casts a scorching ray in return.. Calach flies up 20 feet and also slings a scorching ray spell.. Com lands a hit, but it does not appear to do any damage. Bruiser lands some solid blows on one and slays it. Gilgamesh is slamed by an arm and is flung in the air in the process from the solid blow. Volo runs down to interpose his body between Gilgamesh and hits it. The hits seems to not have any affect on the creature. Gilgamesh casts a scorching ray at the creature while still prone from the last hit. Calach casts aother and slays it.

Com casts a cure serious spell upon a bruised Gilgamesh while Calach casts bless upon everyone. While they traverse the stairs, Com uses his healing burst upon the party and a cure serious spell on Bruiser. Calach casts mirror image using a wand (expending 2 charges, failing a roll to activate the first time). Bruiser uses another potion of bull’s strength while Gilgamesh casts shield upon himself. Calach uses a wand of Bear’s Endurance on himself as Com uses another healing burst on everyone. Gilgamesh casts haste and levitate as Com casts spell resistance on himself. Bruiser activates the light ability on his compass while Com casts light upon his own mace.

They approach the entrance that is flanked by 2 12 foot tall statues on either said of a large tunnel. Each holds an upraised hand as if to ward away intruders, and clutches a heavy sword with the other. Volo, while searching for traps, finds that one of the statues is actually an illusion that marks the start of an invisible ledge that is not as treacherous to traverse as the inclined icy tunnel. He throws pebbles and snow upon it so the others can see the way. All but Calach and Gilgamesh enter; they remain above to view the others descend ready to sling spells if necessary. The encircles an icy cavern with huge icicles that hang from the ceiling and coils of mist rise up from below. The walls of the cavern glitter and sparkle with sheets of ice. Seven 20 foot tall pillars, their sides encrusted with ice and engraved with ancient glyphs and runes, surround an 8th pillar twice the size. Tunnels exit the central cavern, winding deeper into the mountain. Yet perhaps the most notable feature is the sparkling mound of coins, works of art, gemstones, jewelry, weapons, armor, and other things poking up from the pile that occupies the northwestern sections of the cavern. Tobias’ frozen broken body is heaped upon the mound. The others come down when are called. Volo searches all areas, and finds no dragon. Com checks Tobias’ body. As Gilgamesh looks around the cavern, he sees the invisible, dropping from the ceiling to position itself at the cavern entrance. He casts a fireball spell at it. Calach castsacid arrow at it. The dragon releases a freezing fog in to area. Com casts a dispel magic spell twice upon the dragon as Calach casts haste. Volo comes out of the mist, is affected by its aura of fear and runs back after dropping Tobias’s sword.

Gilgamesh attempts to cast an empowered acid fireball but is unable to bypass the SR. The dragon releases a breath weapon attack, but it does no damage to Com, Calach, and Bruiser. Bruiser was unable to hit it while Com removes fear from Volo. Volo moves back. Gilgamesh continues to try to cast spells, but was unable to bypass his SR. Bruiser lands a sold hit while Com casts a heal spell. Calach successfully casts a flmaestrike. Volo tumbles and misses. Gilgamesh casts an acid scorching ray. The dragon casts lightning on Bruiser and Com (Com takes no damage due to his SR. Bruiser lands a critical hit as Com uses another healing burst. Volo takes a five foot step closer calling upon the lady of death to guide his dagger to help slay the dragon, but misses. Gilgamesh casts a ball of lightning, as Calach flies up to look aroundn for the now missing dragon. Volo picks up Tobias’ sword. Some go into a tunnel to search while Calach pulls Tobias’ body into a bag of holding. Com casts cleanse and everyone else begins to grab random treasure in the meantime. Gilgamesh notices the invisible dragon hiding in a tunnel, casting an electrical fireball at it. It bites Gilgamesh critically, almost killing him in the process (he saves for massive damage). Bruiser charges and it takes the opportunity to hit him as he approaches. Calach continues to grab items from the heap of treasure. Com casts a blessing of fervor. Gilgamesh moves, and the dragon attacks him as he moves out of range. Gilgamesh casts a fireball at it. The dragon lands 4 solid hits on Bruiser, before Bruiser take one more swing of his sword finally slaying the beast. Calach heals Gilgamesh as Com uses a healing burst. The all take what they can and return to Magnimar using spells.

Volo, Bruiser, Calach and Gilgamesh set themselves to selling the loot recovered. Com takes Tobias’ body to brother Pieter at the Temple of Imodae. They use the speak with dead spell to ensure he wishes to return and then raise him from the dead. They all meet at the temple later to exchange funds from the sale of loot.

10th of Calistril of 4708
Bruiser and Volo work on preparing the headless dragon carcass (as Com insisted on keeping its head). Volo then returns to the Magnimar market with a wish list from others and funds to purchase such. Com remains in the temple working on making an ion stone while Gilgamesh sets to work on writing spells into his spellbooks. Throughout his remaining time in Magnimar, Com works on an ioun stone, 2 scarab beetles a cloak of resistance. Bruiser spends time away with Sabyl Sorn, renting a suite in town.

18 days are spent in Magnimar. Dinner feasts are eaten everyday. Everyone receives an invitation to the wedding of Bartholemew Glassblower and Sabyl Sorn for the 15th day while you are in town. It is in Sandpoint and the reception is at the Rusty Dragon Inn. During the ceremony, Calach gives them a large gift. When it is unveiled, it is a glass statue of himself hugging both of them worth 500gp for Bruiser to put in his fort.

Gilgamesh gives some spellbooks he is done transcribbinh onto his own to Volo and Calach to sell. Funds are distributed to everyone and the shopping ensues again.

On the night of the 18th day, you feast and drink 4 gallons of meade together.

Catacombs of Wrath

26th of Abadius of 4708
Some of you climb down the sides of the large 30 foot wide sinkhole to the bottom, while others climb down using rope. You find a tunnel leading to a partially collapsed room. Calach and Bruiser immediately recognize the place, as they have been here in this level previously last year.

You check this level to find no enemies and descend the winding stairs to find a dead end. Volo finds a secret door and opens it to a stairway that was perhaps once collapsed in. A tunnel has been cleared through to the other side. Thick web clog these stairs. Visible here and there through gaps in the unusually thick webbing burned away using Nia’s torch are deep scratches along the walls and floors – this along with an absence of mold or mildew, suggests the stairway has recently been cleared. You come across another dead end that hides a secret door. On the other side a fog filled hallway. As you near the end of the hallway you hear a voice call to you with questions that continue as you walk. The verbal quid pro quo begins.

Questions that are asked: What happened to Thassilon? What nation has replaced it? Who rules the land above today? Where is the seat of their power? What became of Runelord Karzoug and Alaznist? Who wields powerful magic today?

Information you gained so far: His name is Xaliasa. 10,000 years ago he worked both sides to his advantage (Karzoug and Alaznist), but as they grew more suspicious of him he came here to plan his escape. Before he could something happened out there to trap him in here. He laughs when you tell him Karzoug is dead, as he informs you that the Runelords leanred some powerful magic to put them into an unaging hibernation to pass the cataclysm unharmed. He merely sleeps. When you ask how to defeat Karzoug he makes mention of Runeforge, a place of learning created by the Runelords but grown beyond their control. It was the one place in Thassilon over which the runelords had no direct influence – the one place they could not visit for fear of enraging the other six and causing an immense war. If any secrets to defeating them existed in ancient Thassilon, those secrets would be hidden still within Runforge’s walls. It is there that weapons could be made to harm them, but the location was a closely guarded secret by the runelords themselves and is hidden with them this day. Except for me, he laughs. I learned its location and was headed there myself before the cataclysm. I have hidden its location in the riddles on the wall for the worthy.

When you come out of the hall into a large chamber in the low light of Calach’s dancing lights. The walls, floor, and even the arched ceiling of this place are covered with writing, the words spiraling and trailing in the Ancient language of Thassilon. Some of the phrases are immense, with words nearly 3 feet high, while others are written in tiny, spidery script. The medium for the writing varies as well – sometimes dark ink, sometimes blood, sometimes carved into the stone itself. Those that can read the language find that they are scripture and prayers to Lamashtu, all except one phrase: “If magic bright is your desire, to old Runeforge must you retire! For only there does wizard’s art receive its due and proper start.”

Volo continues quietly west towards pillars until he sees something that makes him turn pale and quickly returns to the others. Calach moves toward them, notices them and sees more smaller lesser creatures appear. The others have a difficult time moving in the area. Nia readies versus approach for an upcoming battle. Volo moves forward and also readies for an upcoming battle. Bruiser yells at all of them to attack, tries to move, but moves wawy from them. Gilgamesh moves back and casts a protection from evil spell, while Com casts guidance. Calach casts circle against evil on Bruiser, having an aura of protection that extends into the area around him. All of a sudden, Calach sees them cast and the gravity in the area the heroes are in reverses and everyone is flung to the ceiling, some being bruised by the experience. Volo attempts to move but is confused by direction, while Nia stands up in her area. Bruiser stands up and moves forward upon the ceiling, while Gilgamesh flies back down to the floor area. Com readies a dispel in preparation, and Henry Albert moves toward a column. They cast yet another spell in the area damaging the heroes. Nia continues to ready versus approach in her spot as Gilgamesh flies forward towards the creatures. Calach sends his light ahead. They cast yet another spell at the heroes, but their will is too strong to be affected. Bruiser climbs onto the ledge of the hall, and Henry Albert moves forward, yet Gilgamesh moves backwards. Nia moves into the hall falls, and stands back up. Gilgamesh moves forward yet again. They unleash a spell on him, he falls prone to the ground. The other creature casts a spell on Calach, but it has no effect. Com moves, while Henry Albert climbs to get into the next room. Calach looses a spell on them, while the return the favor casting it upon a large area that affects the heroes – damaging all. Nia tries to hit one, and it takes the opportunity to attack her as she gets closer. Com attempts to cast a spell yet one of the creature counter him. Henry Albert successfully smites them. They attack Nia, but the only hit twice as they are now blinded by spells. Volo moves toward the battle. Com casts a healing burst, forgetting to exclude the demons thus renewing their vigor. Henry smites them again, one succeeds the other fails. Calach casts disintegrate on one of them, dealing a critical blow. Volo continues to move around the room. The battle continues and the heroes emerge victorious.

As the heroes investigate the area, Calach follows some clues down a hallway.

As the heroes lick their wounds and search the area, Calach emerges from the mist of the area he went to investigate yelling for them to prepare for battle. Com casts Bear’s Endurance as Henry Albert casts a healing burst.

Hounds emerge from the mist, the large pack attempting to surround the party. After baying, Volo and Nia become panicked with fear. A battle ensues, and as the heroes are occupied with the hounds, the scribbler of the riddles quickly emerges from the mist to join the fray by attacking Gilgamesh who had previously moved away from the fight with the unusual hounds. Fireballs as well as other spells are slung while claws, fangs and swords draw blood. In the chaos however, Henry Albert is slaughtered viciously by the hounds. Com attempts to quickly cast Breath of Life, but it does not work. Henry albert remains a bloody battered mass on the cold stone floors. Nia lands the killing blow on Xialissa the Scribbler. The heroes left are healed and blindness is removed. They search Xialissa’s body as well as the rest of the room. A third stanza to a riddle is found as well as some of the remains of equipment from previously sent Sandpoint guards. The heroes decide to leave and return later to search the rest of the structure later. They tell the guards to continue guarding the area.

Com and the others return to Thistletop to prepare Henry Albert’s body.

Calach returns the remaining guard scraps of clothing/equipment to Sheriff Hemlock & the mayor. He informs them of what occurred and that the heroes would return later to continue the search. He meets with Ameiko to inform her of what transpired and asks for her help with the riddle portions that were found. They journey to the libraries of Jorgenfist for some research on the Runeforge mentioned and spend the night there. They discover the following information:

Runeforge was created as a place where agents of the 7 runelords could gather to study magic. The runelords wove wards around Runeforge that barred the entrance to the complex to any runelord or his direct agents, in order to keep the research within free from sabotage at the hands of an enemy. Runeforge’s magical enhancements sustained those within without the need to eat, drink, or even sleep. The final project the runelords set Runeforge on was the development of ways the runelords could escape the imminent fall of their empire. Each faction developed a unique answer for its runelord, based upon the underlying principles of that faction’s magical traditions.

They return to Thistletop to share this information with the others in the morning. Nia makes mention that Henry Albert wished her to inherit his belongings should he ever fall. They leave to Magnimar. Com donates 1,000gp to the Temple of Imodae, where the raise dead ceremony is performed by him. Henry Albert does not revive. The heroes discuss when they will meet for a funeral service. Bruiser and Volo sell some of the party treasure discovered. Calach believed the party would need another healer if they are to continue the dangerous journey ahead. He leaves to Habe’s Sanitorium, remembering that a priestess was sent there to take over after the last owner (a necromancer investigating undead in the area) was discharged by the party. She informs him that she cannot vacate her duty to the asylum, as her temple has assigned her there with no other evident replacement as of yet. She also does not believe that she would be skilled enough to travel with such heroes. She does however point Calach to a paladin named Tobias Goodspeed recently sent some time ago from the Temple of Imodae to Fort Rannick with a caravan of supplies for the Black Arrows. He recently returned from crusades. She advises Calach speak to Brother Pieter at the Temple for help getting an official dispensation of the paladin to join the quest.

The heroes meet for the funeral, dinner and then turn in for the night.

30th of Abadius of 4708 AR
Calach teleports Gilgamesh and Com to Fort Rannick in the morning. Com makes conversation with some fo the guards, sees that many of the supplies he has sent have been put to good use, They are pointed to Jakardos’ office and knock on the door. When they enter, they see that he is meeting with someone that shares the same description as the paladin they are in search of. They are welcomed by Jakardos and make pleasant conversation before Jakardos hands Com a package he that was left here for him from his step daughter. He opens it to find a letter from Aurellion and a pouch of coin in platinum. After introductions with Tobias, he agrees that being teleported back to his temple would be far more convenient than the two week travel in the dead of winter. He is willing to join the others help defeat these demons if his temple has no further need of him presently. Com and Gilgamesh decide to stay at Fort Rannick as Calach teleports with Tobias to Magnimar. He leaves Tobias to make preparations with his temple and returns to Thistletop. He finds no one there, so travels to Sandpoint. Bruiser was spending time with Sabyl, while Nia and Volo were shopping. Calach is quickly pointed to where to find them. Everyone is teleported to Magnimar. He informs them of the possible recruitment of Tobias Godspeed and that they are supposed to meet him at the Temple of Immodae.

The heroes take 2 more days of shopping in Magnimar. Com donates another 1,000gp to the Temple of Immodae for their continued assistance and help. Everyone returns to Thistletop in the evening to spend the night.

1st of Calistril of 4708 AR
6th day from leaving the Catacombs of Wrath

Com casts Heroes Feast in the Morning. They leave to the sink hole entrance in Sandpoint. Everyone casts their usual pre-battle spells (Com Status on Nia, Bruiser, Calach, & Tobias) with one exception added – Com imbues Bruiser with the ability to cast 2 cure light spells and shield other).

Volo jumps stealthily into the sinkhole, taking no harm from the great fall. The others climb or use rope to be lowered down. Calach casts Dancing Lights and they enter. They find the areas they visited to be still and empty. There are no mists in the halls or webs on the stairs. They find a great number of doors that before appeared to be walls previously.

Entering a new area, Volo detects a trap upon the entrance. He expertly disarms it. As the party enters what appears to have been Xialissa;s private study, they are damaged by perhaps the remnants of a spell still in effect on the entire area. They discover multiple ink vials of a variety of colors as well as a magical quill made with peacock feather that has not yet been able to be identified. The heroes find all of the portions of the riddles that appear to be stanzas of a poem. Calach, Gil, and Com decipher the order.

“If magic bright is your desire, to old Runeforge must you retire! For only there does wizard’s art receive its due and proper start.

On Eastern shores of steaming mirror, at end of day when dusk is nearer, where seven faces silent wait encircled guards at Runeforge gate.

Each stone the grace of seven lords, one part of key each ruler hoards; If offered spells and proper prayer, take seven keys and climb the stair.

On frozen mountain Xin awaits, his regal voice the yawning gates eys turn twice in Sihedron-occulted Runeforge waits within.

And now you’ve come and joined the forge upon rare lore your mind can gorge – and when you slough the mortal way in Runeforge long your work shall stay."

The Sheriff is informed that the area is now clear, and the bodily remains of one of the guards is returned to the garrison for proper burial. They have Ameiko help with interpretation and are able to assume that the location of this area must be Stormunder Lake near the Rimskull.

Calach teleports the party in 2 trips to the Cypher Mystery Inn at Riddleport, where the heroes stay to dine. Calach then teleports away to Crying Leaf, uses his Phantom Steed to ride to Brinewall. He becomes invisible to investigate, finds a quiet spot and studies the area for 1 hour. He returns to Riddleport, goes to the Temple of Cailen Cayden for the rest of the night.

The Return to Jorgenfist

Summary below, still needs to be fleshed out

22nd of Abadius of 4708

Bruiser makes construction arrangements for Com’s room adjoining the temple in Thistletop.

Com casts sending to Calach to meet at his temple at noon in Magnimar. He eats breakfast and shops for some items for his temple and magical reagants like rose petals, which were difficult to come by in winter.

When Calach returns to Thistletop he informs the others of Com’s meeting request and teleport everyone outside of Magnimar’s gates. They meet Com and agree to join each other for dinner in the temple.

Bruiser leaves to the Temple of Abadar’s coin house to exchange much of the copper pieces they have retrieved. He purchases 4 smoke googles from a blacksmith, and another 3 from a gnome who said it should help prevent blindness, but it would not make them entirely immune.

Everyone has dinner together at the Temple. Treasure is divided by Bruiser, and all agree to put funds towards purchasing a wand of remove blindness/deafness.

Calach teleports Bruiser, Gilgamesh, Nia, Henry Albert to Thistletop to sleep for the night.

23rd of Abadius of 4708

All spend the day shopping for supplies. You eventually meet and are teleported or word of recalled back to Thistletop to spend the night.

24th of Abadius of 4708

At about 9am, Com casts Status on Bruiser, Calach and Gilgamesh. He also casts Shield Other on Bruiser, while Henry Albert casts Status on Nia, Com, and Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh and Calach casts his own spells on themselves.

Volo gives the invisibility wand to Gilgamesh, while he attempts to attune himself to the use of arcane and divine wands (only being able to successfully study the use of arcane wands).

Gilgamesh then steps into Bruiser’s Bag of Holding, while Henry Albert steps into his own for Nia to carry. Calach teleports everyone else. when they arrive in the room with the cold undead bodies, Gilgamesh and Henry Albert step out of Bags of Holding. Gilgamesh uses the invisibility wand on everyone else.

The party moves together within arms distance to the area they last fought the weird creature (it was no longer there) and Volo steps ahead to check for traps on another door. He finds none. Bruiser opens the door to find 3 strange hound-like creatures take note of the door and then go invisible themselves.


Gilgamesh moves up the line and casts an acid fireball into the room. A fog cloud then fills the entrance to the room and a battle ensues as the area fills with a fog. Nia attempts to hit but misses. Gilgamesh makes himself invisible yet again and moves away. Bruiser engages and lands 2 solid hits, while Com casts Bear’s Endurance. Bruiser is attacked by a hound and as the hound steps back, Bruiser sets forward attempting to hit it yet again but misses. Calach casts haste on Nia and Bruiser both, while Gilgamesh casts some sort of wind spell in an area of the fog. It begins to clear a column-shaped area of the fog. Nia walks out of the door stepping out of the fog and gets attacked by a waiting lumbering metallic-skinned creature. It has a massive fire-filled maw that splits its belly whose short arms end in razor-sharp claws. She calls out to Henry Albert for help. A Molten material spews forth from the creature to cover an area in front of the door and Nia. She yells yet again for help. The creature smiles and whispers to her, “Yes, call out for help.” Nia steps closer to attack, but misses. It returns grievous attacks on Nia. She returns the favor with 2 solid hits. Gilgamesh emerges from the fog only to step into the molten area in the process, making travel within it difficult. It is evident that it is beginning to dry.

The hounds in the fog-filled room are finally dead, slain by the other heroes still in the room. None other than Nia, Henry Albert, and now Gilgamesh know what awaits the others in the hallway. Com lets loose a healing burst within the room to tend to whom he can.


As the hounds are dead, Volo continues to the nearest door placing his ear upon to surface, only to hear nothing. He later uses his magical abilities to pear beyond the door only to find fog. Gilgamesh moves from his spot 5 feet and casts levitate upon himself, while Bruiser yells to everyone to dismiss the fog. Some respond that they did not cast the fog. Bruiser jumps out into the almost dry molten material and continues moving. The creature takes the opportunity to attack him as he moves slowly through the viscous substance. Com finally dispels the fog in the area. However, the creature now casts a wall of fire upon the opening of the hallway separating the party in the process. Calach, still invisible, takes the chance and flies through the fire as a is protected partially from that element. Nia hits the creature a total of 3 times, landing solid blows. Henry Albert continues to watch the other end of the hallway for any enemies alerted to all the noise the battle is making. Volo continues to move around the room while searching. Gilgamesh flies to another position. Bruiser takes his first solid blow to the creature and slays it. Gilgamesh uses his detect magic on the creature and then down the hall. Healing is cast upon those who need.

Gilgamesh uses the invisibility wand on the others and the heroes continue their journey. Bruiser opens the next door to fog. The party follows his lead in only to hear casting and be engulfed in the flames of a fireball. Calach casts resist fire on himself, Bruiser and Nia. Casting is heard again as Com is hit with a disintegrate spell. While Henry Albert casts a cure critical spell upon Com. Com casts a protection spell while Volo draws his weapon and moves into a defensive position. Bruiser walks to the stage and readies his ion stone to absorb a spell as he sees the flying stone giant who must have cast the spell earlier.. Ana encounters a hound when she emerges from the fog and attacks it. Calach places his hand on one of his tattoos and it briefly glows. Com walks out of the fog to see the scene: a hound and a flying stone giant. The giant lets loose another disintegrate spell upon the party. Calach answers by casting the same spell back to the giant. The spell slinging begins! Nia slays the hound. Com casts wall of stone creating a bridge using the stage and column to help Bruiser reach the giant in melee. Calach casts disintegrate again but fails. Gilgamesh readies a spell. A telekinetic fist attempts to hit Gilgamesh, but he succeeds on his save and moves closer to him. Calach casts another disintegrate spell on him. Gilgamesh tries to maneuver himself into another position, and Mokmurian takes the opportunity to strike him with his club. Gilgamesh then lets loose a cold scorching ray. Mokmurian moves and casts a wall of force. Bruiser then jumps off the stage, falls prone and stands up. Nia and Henry Albert move into another area of fog and become ill. As Com does the same in another area of fog and the acrid fog causes him to take damage. Calach flies but runs into the wall of force. Gilgamesh casts fireball. Mokmurian casts a spell and disappears. Others identify it as a dimension door spell. Bruiser runs to the back door near the stage only to find a cave-in on the other side. Calach casts disintegrate on the wall of force and it dissolves. The heroes wait a few minutes and all the fog dissolves. Volo moves toward the chest near the table and checks it for traps before picking its lock and opening it. Com moves to the table and rolls up a map he finds with giant writing found all over it. Everyone takes their time searching the room.

The invisiblity wand is used on all the heroes and they walk out. As they traverse the long hallway with the large door they were unable to open last, they are met yet again with Mokmurian and a group of giants. Mokmurian yells at the other giants that the heroes are invisible and they must attack. Confused and unable to see the heroes they stand there. Com notices that Conna the Wise is with the other giants and she winks. The invisible Bruiser walks a path straight to Mokmurian to engage him. The frustrated giant yells at his subordinates, “You fools he is passing next to you coming to me! Attack him!!” Nia follows. Com distracts the others by yelling obscene things at them in giant. As they make their first attack and become visible. Conna begins to speak to the other giants. The few that understand her listen to rally more than half of the giants to her side. The giants begin to fight amongst themselves as the heroes are now free to face Mokmurian head on. Critically wounded, Mokmurian attempts to cast one last spell. His body suddenly goes rigid. He spasms a few times and then his head turns to face the heroes, mechanically and clumsily, as if being forced to move by massive invisible hands. In a strangely accented voice, a voice that sounds almost human (a few party members identify it as being the same voice from a replaying message in Bruiser’s fort of Karzoug the Runelord), his eyes flaring with a soul-searing emerald radiance:

“So these are the heroes of the age. More like gasping worms — worms to be crushed back into the earth when I awaken the armies of Xin-Shalast, when Karzoug is again spoken with fear and awe. Know that the death of those marked by the Sihedron — the giants you have so conveniently slain for me — hasten my return, just as yours soon will. Fools, all of you. Is this all you could manage in 10,000 years?”

There is a cruel, mocking laugh that echoes and fades. Mokurian’s head snaps and he falls dead on the stone floors before you. You watch the giants finish their in-fighting and Conna emerges victorious. She advises the others to leave you be. She will lead all the stone giants out of this blasphemous place back to their ancestral homeland where they belong in the Storval Plateau. She cares not what you do here. She leaves., and the traitor Mokmurian’s body is left behind.

You search his belongings and take them along with the treasure you found in his chest in the room:

The body: scroll of limited wish, wand of bear’s endurance, +1 defending spell-storing club, bag of holding type 2 containing all his spell books (0-6 spells from Core Book), fog-cutting lenses, robe of runes, a key shaped like the sihedron rune, 500gp in diamond dust.

The chest:12,000 gp, 1,100 pp, an amber & sapphire necklace worth 4,000 gp, a set of ivory runestones worth 1,400 gp, a scroll of contact other plane

Map below with writing in giant.


The heroes take the oddly-shaped key and use it on the door. It opens to reveal a library. Numerous glowing lanterns hang on fine chains from the domed ceiling sixty feet above, filling this circular room with bright light. The walls of the room are carved with more runes and sigils, while overstuffed wodd-and-leather chairs, polished oak tables surround a 30 foot wide and 50 foot deep shaft in the floor that contains endless books, scrolls, tablets etc. As soon as Bruiser walks in the mechanical looking creature spurs to life and approaches him speaking in an odd language. Gilgamesh and Calach understand it to be Thassilonian. It says, “Which volume of lore would you like me to retrieve for you? There are currently 24, 491 volumes, scrolls, pamphlets, and unbound manuscripts available. Please indicate your wish by author, title, subject, or date of acquisition by the Therassic Monastery.”

The heroes spend hours researching in the library gathering the below information:



Gilgamesh casts his eye spell to look around the level for a few minutes. Com casts Shield Other on Bruiser and everyone heads to the room with the large bubbling cauldron. They enter the room invisible yet again to bypass it. A few of the members become blinded by the acrid smoke in the room. Blindness is removed and the heroes continue to the room they called the shrinking room. After some evaluation, Volo is able to disable this magical trap and the heroes pass undisturbed. They then enter the shrine of Lamashtu and discover a dead Lamia. They remove the valuables from the room and the body. They then come across 5 imprisoned dwarves in cages that have had their hair and beards removed. The emaciated dwarves are barely conscious. They are released. Calach teleports them and Bruiser to Thistletop, where they are given a guest room and a meal. Calach and Bruiser return to Jorgenfist and the heroes decide to camp for the night in Conna’s previous shrine.

25th of Abadius of 4708
Gilgamesh uses his eye spell to view some more of the other areas (as Calach uses his detect thoughts to monitor) and reports what he sees to the others. They decide to teleport Magnimar and Calach leaves them to tend to his personal errands. Volo and Bruiser sell treasure, while others remain at the temple of Imodae. Com leaves the others to tend to his personal errands as well.

Later that night, Com takes some of the others to Bruiser fort to sleep for the night. They are informed that the dwarves left to Sandpoint to search for employment in smithing and have eaten almost all of the food that was in the pantry. /Bruiser pays the servants to refill the stock in the morning,

26th of Abadius of 4708
In the morning, Com uses a sending spell. They return to Magnimar. When they meet with Calach, he informs them of a problem Sandpoint is having. The ground collapsed just north of the garrision right in the middle of Tower Street. The north wall of the garrison took some damage, and while fortunately no one was seriously hurt when the sinkhole appeared, that’s not the case anymore. The guards Sheriff Hemlock sent into the pit to investigate never returned. That very night, the town heard something horrible down there: dogs howling — like dogs no one has ever heard before — and bloodcurdling screams. The Sheriff has roped off the sinkhole, and so far nothing has come up , but those sounds are growing every night.
Part of the party teleports back to Thistletop’s shrine to Milani and ride their horses to Sandpoint. Calach attempts to teleport but fails twice ended up in different cities. They say the third time is the charm.

Licking Our Wounds in Magnimar

17th of Abadius of 4708

Volo, Bruiser & Calach arrive in the Kaijitsu townhome in Magnimar. They sell what they can throughout the day and purchase a wand of invisibility.

A blind Com, a blind Gilgamesh and Nia arrive at the temple of Imodae in Magnimar. Com sends Nia out in search of Fiona. She comes upon Fiona helping in the birth of a breach child. She remains to assist for an hour. Com enters the hallway calling for help and comes upon a boy named Matthew, who is sent to retrieve her. Brother Pieter returns with him and makes mention that she is not available to assist at the moment. Matthew takes come and the dead Henry Albert to the preparation room. Matthew cleans and prepares his body. Nia returns to the room to find Gilgamesh there waiting. She is informed about Com, but Gilgamesh refuses to go with her to find him. He stays in the room. Brother Pieter only has one spell to help heal the blindness from one person. Com sends him to Gilgamesh to remove his blindness.

A blind Com begins the ritual to raise from the dead Henry Albert amidst the questions of Gilgamesh. As Henry Albert takes his first breathes, so does a child that is brought into this world at the same moment with the aide of the priestess Fiona.

She enters the room with sweat on her brow and blood all over her apron. She agrees to return in a moments time after praying for the spell to help Com with his sight. Fiona returns after a few minutes cleaned and ready. Com is taken back to his room where the spell is returns his sight.

The next 2 days the heroes spend personal time shopping and Henry Albert finding a way to request audience with the high protector of the Cathedral of Abadar Jyronn Imiker to restore his potency.

Calach, Bruiser, Fiona and Com take a trip to Sandpoint. Com, with the aide of Fiona, sets up a shrine to Milani inside Bruisers Whistletop Fort. Calach leaves them to their own devices. Eventually all return back to Magnimar.

20th of Abadius of 4708

Before departing back to the shrine in Jorgenfist, the heroes place invisibility on themselves, and Calach teleports them to a heavily guarded Jorgenfist. After having heard some whispers, it seems that Conna realizes that they are present and convinces 2 of the guards to accompany her on a perimeter check. Many guards are positioned in each area, but all are able to make it to an antechamber before the trolls that guard the entrance to the library below.

The heroes approach the trolls while invisible, but the trolls sense their presence, as they begin to sniff the area around them. A Silence is placed at the entrance to the cave to prevent the sounds of battle exiting to the other areas. A battle ensues, and the heroes make an and of the trolls after some battle, but are now all left visible. They retrieve items on the trolls.

As Gilgamesh casts spells on himself, Com casts Bear’s Endurance on Henry Albert, Calach removes a tankard from his belt. He holds it up and asks, “Grandfather, may I be brave in the battle ahead. Grant me the strength of our bloodline.” Bruiser continues to coup de grace the trolls. The invisibility wand is used on all but Gilgamesh. As the heroes move forward using Calach’s dancing lights towards the winding tunnel that leads to the library levels below (or so they guess), Gilgamesh uses the light from his wayfinder to stay behind and casts some spells on the troll corpses.

The tunnel walls wind deeper into the ground, yet the presence of rough contours along the cave walls seem to lessen every several paces – the deeper the cave goes, the more like worked stone the passageway seems. They arrive at an intersection and continue towards the path that has some dim light emanating from it. They stop before enteing a peculiar room. A pair of double doors stands in the southern wall of the room. The floor is made of glossy, polished black-and-gray marble. Nothing in the room compares to the curious effect that its walls have – looking into the room, it’s bizarrely impossible to judge the chamber’s exact dimensions. Any wall looked at directly remains stable, but through peripheral vision the walls elsewhere seem to stretch away into impossibly infinite gulfs, as if the room itself were somehow unhooked from it’s own physicality. The sheets of pale light flicker across the walls only to add to the disorienting effect. Volo steps forward to inspect the floor ahead of him for traps, but detects none. He makes mention that he wishes to go forward and check the door, but Bruiser insists that someone detect magic in the room due to its peculiar nature.

Com detects a strong aura of magic within the room, but cannot determine the school of this magic. Volo takes a step in and immediately becomes nauseated and disorientated by the shifting appearance of the walls. The room appears to become bigger as he shrinks in stature unbeknownst to all his comrades except Gilgamesh, who now happens to have caught up with the heroes. He walks back into the hallway past the others and begins to vomit. After a sort respite when the vomiting ends, Volo explains his predicament and the fact that he saw 2 immense odd looking giants against the north wall in the room with vacant expressions and glowing runes carved into their flesh.

The heroes decide to check the other path from the intersection they came across previously. They come across and empty odd area. Where the walls meet, hard angles have been polished away to smooth but tight arcs that somewhat soften the transitions from wall to wall or to floor or ceiling. With no hard lines defining the edges of the room, the place seems subtly alien. Finding no other path, they return to the previous area.

Com attempts to cast a dispel magic upon to room to no success. Calach casts a mage hand spell to attempt to open the double doors to the south to no avail and then casts a fireball into the room and a battle with the hill giants ensues. Calach reduces the strength of one of the the giants with a ray of enfeeblement and then casts stinking cloud into the room. The others wait, as visibility of the giants in the room is now reduced. He casts another fireball. When the air clears, the giants are not visible from the heroes vantage point again. Bruiser enters the room and appears to be unaffected by the magic that got Volo. He engages the giants in hand-to-hand battle. During the battle all who enter the room are reduced in size with the exception of Bruiser and Calach. Bruiser ebentually slays both creatures. The invisible wand is used yet again on all, but Gilgamesh (who uses his own invisibility).

Gilgamesh opens the southern doors to another hall that leads to a chamber. Runes carved in bands along the walls of this chamber, which is unnervingly lit by a reddish glow from the slowly burning flames in a shallow firepit in the center of the room. An immense 12 foot tall iron cauldron, its side emblazoned with the etching of a seven-pointed star, stands above these flames. Smoke rises from the cauldron’s unseen bubbling contents, and a halo of human bones and scraps of what might be dried flesh lie scattered around the cauldron’s three-pronged base. 2 large stone statues with skull-like faces and glowing runes carved into their foreheads stand at the end of the room by the entrance to the next hall. The invisible heroes enter the room and traverse its space. All, except Bruiser and Volo, begin to feel a burning itching sensation in their throats and eyes. Henry Albert makes mention he is blinded by this, yet they continue. Volo and Nia feel slowed by some sort of effect as they pass the exit of the room. In the next hallway, Com removes Henry Albert’s blindness and although he yet feels a burning sensation in the eyes, he is no longer blinded.

After traversing the next hall, they approach the entrance to a new room. The chill in this room isn’t quite enough to frost the floors and walls, but it is certainly enough to frost the breath. The room itself contains several large suits of armor mounted on what appears to be frozen or preserved ogres, trolls. and hill giants, all staged as if rallying for war. Bruiser enters the room and attacks the first 2. They all begin to move and a battle ensues. Bruisers slays 2 of the creatures. Calach casts a fireball into the room, followed by Gilgamesh who casts another slaying all but one creature, a headless body in full plate armed with 2 glowing axes, in the room. Gilgamesh casts a scorching ray upon it while it is engaged with Bruiser and Calach unleashes a volley of magic missiles on it. After a few swings, Bruiser eventually slays the beast. They remove the axes and armor from the body, as it is discovered they are magical. The magical full plate +1 armor remains large, but the runechill magical axes seem to magical resize themselves to their wearers. (Figure out how and where you will carry the wait of the large armor).

Those of you that messaged me with other things you did on down time, you have details in player secrets. I believe you can only see them if you log in, as they are not sent apart of the email. Let me know if you want to add anything, or email me any conversations you would like roll played out.


Gilgamesh discusses killing the statues in the previous room now. The others mention that it would waste valuable time and spells, as they could just teleport out. Bruiser takes the items that have been taken thus far out of his bag of holding and the party takes a few minutes to identify the magical items. ?they then discuss what they should do next. Calach gives Volo a wand of enfeeblement and Com hands him a wand of cure light wounds for emergencies, After trying to atune himself with using the wands, he is unable to activate the cure light wand and returns in to Com.

Invisibility is cast on the heroes using a wand, with the exception of Gilgamesh whom casts it himself. Calach castes dancing lights to light the way while Bruiser begins to lead the party forward. Com takes his morning star out and casts light upon it as well. The long hallway has a looming ceiling 40 feet above and is decorated with an intricate display of stone supports & beams. The walls are carved in long swaths of densely scribed runes – the 7 pointed star is repeated often. To the east, the hallway has caved in entirely – a battered door protrudes from the rubble, but the hall beyond is completely filled with detritus. To the west, the hall ends at an immense bronze double doors that bear a huge mirrorlike silver inlay of the ubiquitous 7 pointed star. This set of doors has no obvious hinges, handles, or locks, save for a single tiny star-shaped indention at the center of the larger mirrored star.

Volo detects no visible traps on the door, but no mechanical means of trying to open it. Calach hands the amulet he has carried throughout the adventure to Gilgamesh, who then hands it to Volo to try to use as a key, but it does not fit. Volo places his hands upon the door, and magically peers into the room beyond. He tells the others that it appears to be a library with only a metal construct inside.

Calach takes out a chime of opening and rings it before the door. The surface of the door becomes infused with a dull gray glow. The glow rapidly brightens to a near-blinding intensity, and then a strange figure floats out of the door’s surface. It seems humanoid, but it’s hard to tell since the entire thing sheds harsh, blinding light. All the heroes are blinded by this light, save for Nia. The creature begins screaming and the battle ensures and rays of light shoot to Nia.

Henry Albert casts a cleanse spell on himself, only to become blinded by the harsh light yet again, but not before being hit by the burning rays from the creature too. The others are confused and chaotic without being able to engage this beast. Volo uses his scorching ray wand and lands a solid hit with a ray, but Nia sees it has no affect on it. Com lets loose a healing burst to those around his area. Bruiser hands Nia an air elemental gem from his bag of holding, and she smashes it open. A large air elemental appears and she commands it to attack the creature. Com heals Gilgamesh of his blindness, but he too then becomes blinded yet again by the light of the creature.

It lands 2 solid blows. Calach summons forth a lantern archon to also engage with it in battle. Nia then commands it to bring the creature to it. As the elemental attempts to grapple it, the creature takes the opportunity to strike it down before it can. Henry Albert comes to Nia and announces that he will be casting a spell within moments to whisk those touching in his area away to Korvosa. Calach takes the opportunity to teleport Bruiser, Volo, Nia and Henry Albert away to Thistletop (Bruiser’s makeshift fort), but leaves behind Com and Gilgamesh. Com teleports himself and Gilgamesh within the next second to the shrine within Thistletop as well.

Bruiser yells for his servants to wake & help him, as all are blinded save Nia. Calach summons a red mastiff hound, speaks celestial to it as it helps to guide him. The servants take the heroes to the meeting room and bring some quick snacks, as it is way past meal time (you arrive around 2 am).

Com retires to restin a room, as the others stay behind to lick their wounds and sulk. Eventually everyone retires to rooms for the night.

21st of Abadius of 4708

All heroes awaken to find that they are now regular size. They are escorted to the meeting room to breakfast. When all are present, the clerics remove the blindness from those requiring it. They discuss events and plans over breakfast. Calach and Bruiser step out to have a private conversation, and Calach leaves for some time. Bruiser eventually summons everyone to a common room filled with coin and treasure and begins to divide equal shares for everyone. Gilgamesh makes mention that he recognizes its contents as those found in the cave above Jorgenfist.

After a few hours Calach returns with some information he was able to research at a couple of magic schools in Varisia. The creature they faced is apparently extremely rare and any information on it is minimal. Ancient wizards have come to call them Shining Children. They are a mystery and the greatest secret is their origin. Theories range from: beings from an unknown dimension perhaps, avatars of a dying star grown sentient, or creatures of light battling a living darkness at the edge of reality. It is believed that perhaps they were summoned by very powerful wizards with rare arcane knowledge of ancient Thassilon maybe to guard something important.

Calach leaves to take care of some other business, and Com teleports himself along with Volo and Gilgamesh to Magnimar.

Attack of the Lamia Sisters....
Inside Jorgenfist


Following the defeat of the two enslaved dragons, arguments between several party members threatened to overcome the adventurers.
Calach sent his dancing lights spell further along the cavern tunnels. There he saw the approach of three Lamia, these female creatures were a mix of great cat and human women. The upper torso were of beautiful young women while the lower part merged into a four legged great cat.
The party was scattered among the cavern that once held the dragons. Com had been knocked unconscious by the deadly flames of the dragons but now had recovered some, using valuable spells needed to heal the front line warriors.
The Lamia mocked the adventurers. Studying them intently and noticing several who bore holy symbols of good aligned gods. Bantering with Calach, the Lamia noticed his sihedron amulet.
They questioned him on the where about of their sisters, whom the adventurers had previously slain.
Calach feigned ignorance as the Lamia blinded three of the party (Com, Henry Albert, and Gilgamesh) in response to Gilgamesh casting a spell before them.
He then attempted to distract the Lamia while he and the party internally considered what they could do. This initial attacked had already greatly impaired them.
Bruiser joined Calach, standing beside him as the Lamia separated along the room. Never staying close to one another.
Through banter and spells, battle erupted around them. Nia and Calach coordinated an attempt to keep the Lamia apart. Blinded, Com and Henry Albert used one another to traverse the nearest wall. But without sight, there was little help they could offer. Gilgamesh slowly maneuvered as best he could among the sounds of battle. Volo was forced to take a more active role in battle, now that a large portion of the party was disabled.
Calach found that his spells were less effective against the divine spell casting Lamia. No doubt, whatever spies they had, had indeed prepared them against him.
“Protect the healers!” was yelled in battle and all Calach could do was blanket the entire area in a wall of mist. This at least would even the battle field some what.
Ill prepared for the readied Lamia sisters, the battle was far more taxing than the party had hoped for. Com was able to use Heal to restore sight to Henry Albert, who was not able to see; he was now able to pour healing on to the now wounded warriors. Volo used the mist as best he could although, it was not the best situation for his combat style.
Nia and Bruiser through sheer strength delivered powerful blows upon the two Lamia they faced. Calach offered what help he could against the Lamia with magic missle but even he could do little.
Then it was that tragedy struck. Protecting his darling Nia, Henry Albert under the effects of his divine spell shield other was brought unconscious. Still, as long as he drew breath, his spell protected her. He took on a portion of each strike she suffered until his body gave way and his life was taken. Nia and Com did what they could to preserve his remains.
Finally, having brought down two of the Lamia and the mist dismissed, the remaining Lamia casted sanctuary upon herself and began to flee. Most of the warriors were unable to harm her against the protective ward.
Sprouting his wings, Calach gave chase as best he could while hurling a few spells at her. Although, her protections negated most the of the damage. Volo too followed as closely as he could. The rest of the party began to regroup and take what treasures they could off the slain Lamia.
Calach attempted to convert her but once more his attempts failed and she disappeared among a forked passage. Sending his spell forward, he could see the trap that awaited him.
On one side, a group of stone giants ready to strike, the crafty Lamia mocking him with a goodbye kiss in the air. On the other a band of trolls, they too ready to crush the adventurer.
He stopped and seeing Volo, yelled for him to get ready to flee. So Volo returned to the group and they gathered up into two parties.
As Calach took the attacks of the trolls and stone giants, the party looted what they could and awaited his return.
Calach flew as fast as he could towards them. Remembering the promise, not to kill stone giants if they could. So he joined with his companions. Com yelling that he would meet in Magnimar. Calach agreed.
Calach called out for Yap to join him to escape and after feeling the small hand touch him he waited until Com disappeared with his own travel spell before teleporting Volo and Bruiser with him to his own teleport spot in Magnimar.
Upon arriving, Calach was asked where they were but still unsure of the newer companion said he would tell Bruiser later. Volo, though, figured out where they were.
After which, Calach said we must leave this place and join the others.


13th of Abadius of 4708 AR
Upon the trail through the iron peaks, the heroes come across a party of 6 stone giants and their pet dire bears. Gilgamesh casts his Tiny Hut spell making an opaque gray sphere that they hide in as the place the horses behind the sphere. They begin to cast spells at the giants and bears and a grueling battle ensues. Volo chases the last giant around a bend and finds that he is running and trying to yell at a tower on the outskirts of a large building that he assumes to be Jorgenfist. He runs back in the other direction. Calach continues the chase and casts a fireball, slaying the last giant. He notices smoke coming from the top of the watch tower, and he begins to flee as Nia rounds the bend. They all retreat, meet up together and withdraw to the Storval Stairs to discuss what their next step is on the journey. Volo climbs the surrounding ruins to take up watch, to ensure they were not followed. He informs the party that he will use the light from the compass as a signal to warn the others if something is spotted.

After some time, Volo flashes his light. A few members mount their horses and speed away to await the worst. Calach flies up to Volo, who takes him to a cave to show him a dead harpy. He states he saw one those creatures spying on the party from above. They fought, as Volo shows his wounds. She however flew off. Volo was unsure if she was allied with the giants. They catch up with the others, and find that the bend that was stone shaped into a narrow ledge was returned to normal. The party decides to ride back to Gilgamesh and Henry Alberto to inform them that there were no giants there. The travel an hour away from the Storval Stairs and make camp. Calach, studies the camp for an hour while Bruiser and Nia set up camp. Com sets up his table and begins work on his magic items. Calach, Gilgamesh and Volo teleport off while invisible to do some reconnaissance. When they are within line of sight, Gilgamesh casts arcane eye. He uses it to look around the building to find some sort of sewer entrance but found none. He looked around the interior of the courtyard to try to find the same, but found none. When the spell ended, Calach teleported them back to camp. Gilgamesh explains what he saw. They sleep for the night.

14th of Abadius of 4708 AR
When the party awakes, the clerics and wizards study or pray. Calach and Com bathe as others eat and agree to spy upon the camp for some more time. There is then some argument as to whom should go, as Volo states that Gilgamesh could magically spy upon them safely alone.

Gilgamesh, Bruiser and Calach teleport away while invisible so that Gilgamesh could cast another arcane eye spell. Bruiser hears the sound of running water from a river further out and directs Gilgamesh to look in that direction. He finds a running river, and explores 2 caves in that area. He finds one crawling with a multitude of insects, but could not view the back, as it was unnaturally dark and full of webs. The other seemed to be the lair of 5 wyverns. He spots another cave on the other side of the valley on the face of a sheer walled cliff filled with treasure. He takes time to view some of the tribal camps and get an idea of their numbers.

They return back to camp and Gilgamesh shares all that he learned, as the others try to formulate a plan. Calach teleports back to the camp. He uses all his stoneshape spells to create a bridge from one side of the river to the other and handholds from the bridge up to the wyvern cave. He spends some time studying the area on the other side of the river to add to his repertoire of teleport spots. He returns to the party, and Gilgamesh informs him that the wyvern cave had no possible entry point to Jorgenfist.

15th of Abadius of 4708 AR
Bruiser divides a number of silver coins among the party. The heroes argue as to whom shall enter bags of holding to reduce the number of teleport spells to use to make to the wyvern cave trip. Gilgamesh hands his bag of holding to Bruiser to hold. Status and Shiled Other is cast by Com on Bruiser and then heroes hop into bags of holding to begin the process. They all are teleported to the area across the river. Henry Albert casts Status and Shield Other on Nia when they appear. They travel across the bridge and climb the stone ladder to the cave.

A battle ensues with 5 wyverns as they roar when the band of heroes emerge from the mouth of the cave. The heroes emerge victorious. Volo stealthily walks out to check if any of the giants above heard the commotion. He notices 2 giants above looking down pointing at the bridge. A few more join them and they look to be ready to throw boulders at anything that comes out of the mouth of the cave. He informs the others using hand gestures. Calach turns invisible and flies out of the cave to survey what is going on above. Gilgamesh searches the cave and finds: a fire opal (200gp), a chest with a Staff of Heaven and Earth, 1,435gp, and 2,987sp.

Calach returns to the cave. Informs Volo, still waiting at the entrance hidden from giant sight, that he will be addressing the party. He discussed that he saw 8 stone giants seeming to wait to throw boulders at what leaves the cave, as well as one strange giant that was able to see him while invisible. The all discuss different options as to what to do next.

The giants begin to lob giant boulders at the bridge and then the entrance of the cave. Calach in consultation with Bruiser begin to cast stone shape spells to tunnel to the cave above them. They then make small air holes at the entrance to the cave. The heroes then settle in to camp for the day.

Gilgamesh casts arcane eye and sends the sensor out of the cave through an air hole. He notices 3 stone giants and 2 dire bears on the other side of the bridge outside the cave. Above, the strange female giant, harpies and some stone giants remain watching the bridge and cave. His eye is sent to the cave of treasures far to the northeast, but found it too dark to observe anything inside. The eye is then sent to Jorgenfist, to view what appeared to be a large mess hall full of supplies, long tables, benches and casks of ale with a large cave grizzly bear 14 feet tall. The black tower had 3 harpies perching at the top, while the nearby guard tower had 2 stone giants with a pile of 50 stones at the ready for each. The spell then ends.

The heroes turn in. Calach, Nia and Henry Albert notice smoke coming into the cave from the air holes. Calach uses a stone shape spell to close the air holes. Nia escorts Calach through the tunnel and he shapes air holes into the other cave above. He also casts dancing lights in the cave. Com casts status (at around 11 pm) on Gilgamesh, Bruiser and Calach.

16th of Abadius of 4708 AR
The party awakes. After praying, studying, eating rations and picking up their personal belongings, they head off up the tunnel. Status is cast by the 2 clerics on Nia and Bruiser. Calach casts mage armor, mirror image and then stone shape on the last portion of the tunnel as he is covered in crawling bugs. Bruiser pulls him back and enters the cave first. The cave seems to crawl. Countless bloated, many-legged insects trample one another as they carpet the floor and climb the walls, creating a susurrus of a million clicking bug legs. The deepest part of the cave seems to be unnaturally thick with fallen webs and darkness. The rest of the party enters from the opening below. As they continue forward using dancing lights from Calach, they are assaulted with sprays of web and a movement of some well-hidden hideous creatures catches their eyes. The creatures resemble stocky, partially decayed spiders the size of horses. The battle ensues. Calach and Gilgamesh fling spells at the beasts. As Bruiser meets one head on, he becomes poisoned by the small swarm of arachnids that seem to be oozing from the large decayed spider. After a few more spells and sword hits from Bruiser and Nia, the beasts are slain. Upon closer inspection of them, the horrid truth is revealed – they are animated shells of giant spiders that were infested with swarms of equally undead arachnids. As the others look around, Volo stealthy approaches the opening of the cave to look out. He finds stone giants and dire bears on the bridge below trying to clear some stone. As he looks up, he sees 2 harpies (one that stares in his direction and points), 2 stone giants, and a strange female stone giant.

He informs the others that he believes he was spotted. As the others continue to search the area, Gilgamesh casts Tiny Hut and then Detect Magic to watch the front of the cave. He is the only one to see an invisible flying harpy approach the cave entrance to look in. They hear her yell to those above, “They have spellcasters and I do not see the master’s pets!” She flies off for the time being. The party begins to make their way to the webs (Gilgamesh ends the Tiny Hut spell as soon as he leaves it). Com and Bruiser use Freedom of Movement to reach some areas that were glowing under the detect magic spell and retrieve some magical weapons from withered spun bodies (+1 longsword, +2 Halbred, a druid staff containing the spellstaff spell having a rusting grasp spell stored in it (CL12)). Nia and Calach continue to use torches or acid spells to make a tunnel through the web to the back. After some searching, a secret door is found in the back of the tunnel behind the webs. As Volo searches it for traps, he opens it. Bruiser begins to walk in with Calach’s Dancing Lights behind him to look around.

At that moment, a harpy appears at the opening and begins singing. Gilgamesh becomes captivated by her song, and begins to walk towards her. Nia runs after him, attempting to grapple him unsuccessfully. Gilgamesh reaches the harpy, who begins to unleash a flurry of blows as he stands there seemingly entranced. The others begin to travel to his direction and the battles ensues. Gilgamesh eventually ends up flying at the lip of the cave while following this harpy. Spells are slung, swords are swung, but the harpy remains in flight. Another harpy joins the foray, and begins to sing. The 2 clerics become captivated by her song and begin to travel towards the ledge. One harpy attempts to grapple Henry Albert at the lip of the cave. Nia grapples Gilgamesh and pulls him into the cave, as he receives a fist from the harpy that seems to stun him now as well. The clerics come out of their trance right before they step off the lip of the cave. It was a grueling battle, but at the end the harpy falls from the sky below.

The heroes pick up what they can and move towards the secret door. They continue to have conversation near the open entrance. Com casts light on his morning star and Calach casts dancing lights above Bruiser before walking in. As everyone walks in Calach casts mage armor on himself. As they enter the maze of tight, dark tunnels they hear the clink of metal and varied whispers in the darkness alongside the echoes they make themselves as they continue to yell their conversations. As they come across the first intersection, they encounter 3 miniscule, wicked old men with metal boots and a blood-red pointed cap. A battle ensues. The fight is arduous as these stubborn creatures continue to arrive around corners. Gilgamesh, during battle, attempts to cast mage hand to remove the hat of one of these creatures, but the spell fizzles away. The heroes are eventually victorious. As a fatigued Nia take a knee to rest, they review the bodies and take what spoils they can. Gilgamesh making sure to take some putrid caps into his position that appear to have been given their red color by being smothered in dried blood, of what or whom it is unknown. After traveling the maze-like tunnels for some time, they come across an entrance to a larger cavern. The members yell back, as their message reverberates from the cave system that they found perhaps an exit. They group back up and decide to continue forward after Calach casts a protection from evil spell.

As they enter the cavern they see, with the help of dancing lights sent ahead, that the cave is cluttered by tiny mounds of carefully sorted junk – bones, scraps of armor, broken weapons, stones, dead rats, and sections of chitin harvested from large vermin. A net hammock hangs from a pair of stalagmites in a corner. The glint of something shiny catches your eye in the middle of the cave – it seems to be a necklace of some sort. Bruiser and then Nia approach it as the others begin to walk in. Gilgamesh casts detect magic, and sense it is magical, but also senses a presence further in the room that is magical as well. All this in time to see the glint of a bead fly through the air and hit the necklace near the warriors. A series of explosions fills the room as Bruiser and Nia are caught in the fireballs. A female kobold in the corner, begins to foam at the mouth and attacks. Shortly after 2 ogres enter the cave as well from another direction. Gilgamesh turns invisible and stays in the back of the cave watching another entrance as the others fight the battle. After the enemies are defeated, a female stone giant approaches the entrance that is being watched by Gilgamesh and he yells a warning ahead. She approaches Henry Albert with her arms raised and begins to speak to him in a language he does not understand. She seems to gather there is no understanding between them and begins to speak in common tongue, “I don’t have much time, but know that if you are here to slay Mokmurian, I am your ally. Come with me to a place where we can speak in peace, for I would aid you in your quarrel here — without my assistance you might find only your graves below Jorgenfist.” Henry Albert approaches the others with her and relays the message.

After taking what they could from the kobold and ogres, they quietly follow her to what appears to be a small shrine. The walls of the cave are painted with red, yellow, , brown, and black figures, among which are apparent images of giants, mammoths, elk, deer, and wyverns. Others are harder to figure out: ogres, perhaps or giant children, or even humans. The dwarves are very clear, with beards and tiny axes being crushed under enormous giant feet. A simple oil lantern lights the small alter at the far end of the cavern. A modest offering of antlers, hooves, and patches of fur are piled up on the alter. The paintings seem to dance in your peripheral vision, but when you turn to look at them they are still.

She tells her story. When Mokmurian first came to these caves, he set up this small shrine dedicated to his people’s ancestral spirits. As he became more and more obsessed with Thassilon, his interest in religion waned and after he returned from a place he called Xin-Shalast, his first act in this chamber was to sacrifice Vanderrec, the father of his old tribe and my husband. I am the deposed mother of his tribe, Conna the Wise. I have tended to this shrine since his blasphemous sacrifice. The others have steered clear of this cave, as they know it is haunted by my husband’s spirit. After answering some questions, she informs you that Mokmurian spends almost all his time in the library level below this one. She cannot accompany you, as tradition mandates she cannot. Once a giant elder has been deposed, that elder must not directly oppose the new ruler. She draws a crude map for you of the area and only asks that of the heroes encounter any more stone giants, you defeat them without killing them if possible. She understands if you cannot, as her kin have brought this doom to themselves through their actions or inaction. She only hopes to save what little she can of her tribe after Mokmurian is slain. She should be able to grant them safe passage after taking control of at least her clan, however if she cannot she knows they have the ability to teleport out. Word of this has spread to their ears here by others. She warns them that she fears the perhaps Mokmurian has fallen under the influence of a powerful evil spirit. She heard him whisper a name when he felt he was alone. The name is “Karzoug, a name she recognizes from secret myths shared by the elders. Karzoug was one of those who enslaved her people, and if Mokmurian has fallen victim to this Ancient Lord’s influence, the danger facing her people and all of Varisia may be greater than anyone knows.”

The heroes make an alliance with Conna, take refuge and rest here while they can to discuss what direction they should head.

17th of Abadius

After some argument is to what direction they should approach the library entrance from, a portion of the group believes they should pass the imprisoned dragons. Gilgamesh makes mention that he can take care of them, as he practically killed the red dragon a Sandpoint himself. Conna informs them that although the dragons are imprisoned, waiting to be sacrificed to Karzoug, they do not fight. They have been charmed by the Lamias.

They approach the pens of the dragons, where they are chained to the walls. Gilgamesh approaches their area, casts a cold fireball spell and then retreats into the tunnel. The now enraged dragons unleash their fire breaths into the tunnel the heroes are currently in. One of them seems to send a warning to the lamias in the next room. There is some argument as to what to do next. Bruiser and Nia wait for Gilgamesh to sling his spells to kill the dragons as he had suggested earlier. He refuses and yells that he and should enter the fray themselves now. There is a battle of words between the heroes as the dragons continue their barrage of fire. Eventually, the warriors enter the cave and battle the dragons head on, eventually slaying them.

Rounds we left off with: 1. DM, 2. Gilgamesh, 3. Volo, 4. Henry Albert, 5. Bruiser, 6. Nia, 7. Com, 8. Calach.


At the Storval Stairs

13th of Abadius of 4708 AR

The heroes argue as to what to do when Calach leaves. They decide to back away and make a plan. They discuss leaving their horses somewhere else. They see a magical mist begin to form at the top of the stairs. After some discussion, Bruiser charges towards the stairs. The others follow suit, and make a brave charge with the horses up the giant sized steps into the unknown mists ahead.

Landslides of stone begin to tumble down the stairs, killing Volo’s stead and forcing him to climb the edge of the stairs and statue the rest of the way. Gilgamesh slings a spell enlarging himself, Nia, and Bruiser. Com and Henry Albert prepare the party with spells of their own. Bruiser drinks an invisibility potion and steps into the mist. Nia drinks a potion, but finds the magic does not work. She hurdles ahead nonetheless. The battle ensues. Calach continues to keep Bruiser invisible throughout the fight while invisible himself behind him. Bruiser and Nia slaughter many of the giants, unbeknownst to each other, as the mists blocked view of sight of each other.

Com hears the giants order one to withdraw to inform Mokmurian that large heroes have arrived to challenge him. He yells to the others. Volo keeps an eye on the giant as he emerges from the mist, as does Calach flying high above the mist to sling spells. Volo quietly drops 30 feet from the statue above to the ground gracefully and without damage. He pursues the fleeing giant throwing daggers at it. It turns and begins to club Volo. Calach drops the magical mist and Henry Albert casts a spell preventing the other giants from attacking, thus they attempt to flee. They are quickly slaughtered. After withstanding spells from Calach, Volo is able to position himself tactically with Nia and strikes the fatal blow.

The heroes search the giants, finding nothing of import as Com gathers the horses below. Nia, Bruiser and Gilgamesh fling the 12 giant bodies down the bloodied stairs. They gather around Com and Henry Albert to be healed. After searching the crumbling ruin of a building that Calach points out they were emerging from, they find valuables in a mound at the back. They have the spellcasters identify the magical items and Bruiser helps to appraise the value of objects:

  • 3,306 sp
    *a carved mammoth bone statuette of a much smaller mammoth worth 700gp
    *an eye patch with a mock eye of black star sapphire and moonstone worth 900gp
    *a mithral anklet worth 1,000gp
    *a jeweled crown worth 4,000gp (Gilgamesh recognmizes that the crown is in fact the Lost Crown of the Pallgreves clan, one of the oldest noble families of Janderhoff and the dwarves would gladly pay around 10,000gp for its return).
  • +2 defending bladed scarf
    *a leather pouch containing 7 cure moderate potions and a potion of remove disease
    *an efficient quiver containing 16 +1 undead bane arrows and 1 greater monstrous humanoid slaying arrow
The Journey Continues

1st of Abadius of 4708

As Bruiser cooks the giant crocodile and draws warm water for Com to soak his feet, Calach approaches the party from the main road on his phantom steed.

They welcome each other, and Calach offers all some ale for all the heroes in celebration of the first day of the new year. Com asks if he was able to procure the stone to flesh scrolls he mentioned. Calach indeed purchased 3 such scrolls. Bruiser perhaps mentions that they should use it on the stone giant. The heroes then have an academic discussion as to whether stone giants are made of stone or flesh.

They travel the rest of the day and camp the night.

2nd of Abadius of 4708
Com makes mention that his things are out of order and finds the laces of his boots tied together. He begins to ask the others whom is touching his things. Perhaps someone or something got into the spell in the night. Volo mentions the faerie folk and pixies love to play such tricks. They pack their things and head off. They travel the rest of the day uneventfully.

3rd of Abadius of 4708
The heroes come upon the frontier trading post pf Wartle. The few buildings rising out of murky swampy ground on stilts. The town’s only inn/tavern called the Lean-To as it leans at an odd angle on its stilts . They buy the few rooms available for the night from Gator Bob, have a tasty gator gumbo dinner accompanied by bread and some Bog Grog. After asking around, they hear tell from local trappers that business is bad. There are fewer animals out for hunting and many hunters never return. There is tale that giants are roaming these parts. The heroes purchase gallons of Bog Grog to take on the long road ahead.

4th of Abadius of 4708

In the morning, the heroes lumber about after breakfast, as Gilgamesh needed extra time scribing some spells. Bruiser and Nia decide to scout about the area and come across a stump in a clearing with a hawk sitting atop it. In the hawk’s claw, a human hand with a ruby ring gleaming on one finger. Fearing that perhaps it was a druid, Bruiser cautioned that they should head back to the party and return later. When they return, no hawk is found. They spend the rest of the day traveling to Nybor.

5th of Abadius of 4708
The heroes arrive in the peaceful farming community of Nybor. The small community is said to have more half-breeds per capita of any Varisian city, and it is evident as well as a large gnome population. They eat a vegetarian meal at the Deeproots tavern/inn, but push forward with their travels after to catch up for lost time. They travel the 5-8th.

8th of Abadius of 4708
The heroes arrive in Galduria, a town with a local arcane college called the Twilight Academy. Gilgamesh visits the local shrine to Nethys to tithe and the college library to work on his scribbing. Others pay visits for different reasons, interest in books, magic items etc. The party meets up at the Harpy’s Cove for dinner and rests for the night.

9th of Abadius of 4708

The heroes arrive in the town of Wolf’s Ear. Com informs the party that perhaps it would not be safe to stay or linger, as the town has a sordid past. It was once a haven for people cursed with Lycanthropy. When it was annexed by Magnimar, the lord mayor cracked down on them, which ensued a bloody battle. The mayor stated that all the lycanthropes were either killed or chased off. Com, having served in the guards for some time, know that perhaps this was more a political statement to save face. The battles were bloody and some guards returned with the curse themselves. The visit the Hair of the Dog tavern/inn where they purchase food and drink. They quickly leave after, especially after the odd questions posed by Bruiser whom asked the barkeep if he was a werewolf. The party travels on the road the 9-12th.

12th of Abadius of 4708

They arrive in the small vineyard community of Ravenmoor. After visiting the nearest tavern, they inquire about getting rooms for the night, and are informed that there is no space anywhere in town. After brusque converstation, they quickly eat and drink and then leave town.

Sometime outside of town while camping for lunch, the heroes come across a stump of tree with a small chipmunk sitting atop it holding a silver acorn. When they approach, the stump opens its maw to reveal a mouth full of teeth as its roots move to reveal 8 tentacles. After it is slain, Gilgamesh takes the silver acorn (jewelry). The creature is burned and weapons are cleansed, as Calach makes mention that they may infect themselves with spores of not.

13th of Abadius of 4708
The heroes arrive at the Storval Rise, one of the most unique landmarks in Varisia. The change in terrain from the fertile lowlands to the rugged and stony scrublands of the plateau above marks the lands of giants and barbarians with an unmistakable boundary. The rise itself often reaches dizzying heights of 1000 feet or more, but at the location known as the Storval Stairs, the cliffs are only 400 feet high, and feature ancient Thassilonian monuments. You see movement of large creatures at the top in the distance. The heroes in the back hear a high pitched voice near Calach state that there are at least a dozen. Calach casts an invisibility spell and leaves, his phantom stead remaining behind. When the heroes ask Bruiser about Calach, he states, “Calach can take care of himself.”


Journey to Jorgenfist

30th of Kuthona of 4707 AR
Word is left with Fiona at the temple that Calach will not be able to make the window to meet the heroes at Magnimar. He insists they leave without him; Com should cast sending in the mornings to check in and leave word as to location so they can meet up. They leave and begin the long journey to Jorgenfist without him. After setting up camp on the road, they hear the distinct sound of buzzing in the distance outside. Com notices a swarm of what appears to be locusts from far away, as he yells to others in the tent. As the swarm approaches, the heroes notice theses insects are much bigger than locusts. They appear to be large mosquitos. The heroes attempt to protect their horses by placing them in Bruiser’s pavilion tent. The swarm is quickly dealt with by Henry Albert and Gilgamesh’s fireball spells, but not before one attached itself to Vole that leaves him weakened. The heroes begin to rest after arguing responsibilities as to watches and building/breaking down the tent.

31st of Kuthona of 4707 AR
The days travel is uneventful. They spend the day and night on the weary road on this new year’s eve. Gilgamesh shares with the others the only alcohol he had on a hip flask in quiet contemplation of the past year’s events.

1st of Abadius of 4708 AR
The heroes wake to a crisp morning of the new year and begin to travel the road that continues to parallel a river. After midday, they come across an 11-headed hydra feasting on a giant crocodile. A battle ensues. Gilgamesh slings many fireball spells at it before an enlarged Nia and Bruiser (invisible) meet it with their swords. Bruiser takes the final blows on the beast. He skins it and gives a portion to Com while keeping some for himself. He cooks the remains of the giant crocodile, that the party will be able to feast on.

2 and 1/2 days left of travel to the nearest settlement of Wartle that is a small frontier trading post to resupply.


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