Turtleback Ferry


Nation: Varisia
Region: Magnimar
Size: Small village
Population: 430

Market Place:
Base Value 550gp, Purchase Limit: 2,500 gp, Spellcasting: 3rd

1. The Turtle’s Parlor (Inn) run by Cesten Orlandi (male human).
2. Bottoms Up: A tavern owned by a halfling couple Yads and Berthandy Kesker.
3. Claybottom Ferry: Provides once-daily round-trip service to Pendaka on the far side of the lake, for the affordable cost of 2cp per passenger.
4. Irontooth’s Metal Goods: the only smithy in town run by Irontooth Jorveni (male middle-aged man).
5. Turtleback General Store: Run by an old maid named Wenda Leenee (middle-aged human).
6. Church of Erastil: Largest building in town. It serves as both Turtleback’s religious center and its town hall, and its pastor is both its spiritual and political leader, Maelin Shreed.
7. Skull Ferry: Provides as-needed services across the Skull River for 1 cp per trip. A large bell on the far side allows the ferry to be called if travelers approach from the west.
8. Turtleback Schoolhouse: One-room schoolhouse run by Tillia Kenkenson (human female). She is a prim but attractive woman who’s managed to work wonders over the past few years with Turtleback’s youth, having replaced an ill-tempered and old-fashoned teacher who drowned in the river under suspicious circumstances.
9. Tutrleback Graveyard

Available Magic Items for Sale in Town

  • Elixir of Tumbling
  • Feather Token Whip
  • Sovereign Glue
  • Belt of Giant Strength +2
  • Cloak of Resistance +3
  • Hand of Glory

Turtleback Ferry

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