Sihedron Rune

According to Brodert Quink the seven-pointed star from the Thassilonian Empire represented not only the empire itself but also the Seven Virtues of Rule: Honest Wealth, Rest, Eager Striving, Fertility, Sincere Satisfaction, Righteous Anger and Abundance; and the Seven Schools of Thassilonian Magic: Transmutation, Conjuration, Abjuration, Enchantment, Illusion, Evocation and Necromancy.

The Seven Virtues of Rule seem to have been perverted by Thassilonian rulers into the modern Seven Deadly Sins.

According to local scholar Brodert Quint, this seven-pointed star-rune was a very powerful symbol of Thassilonian arcane magic.

Virtue Arcane School Negative Aspect
Kindness Evocation Wrath
Humility Illusion Pride
Temperence Necromancy Gluttony
Generosity Transmutation Greed
Charity Abjuration Envy
Love Enchantment Lust
Zeal Conjuration Sloth


Sihedron Rune

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