Skinsaw Mask

Faint Evil Necromancy Aura


This hideous mask resembles a patchwork, deformed face, with one bulbous eye, a grimacing mouth with long teeth, and a flat nose. When worn, the mask fills the wearer’s mind with hideous whispers and images of murder and violence. It heightens the wearer’s ability to sense fear. Fresh blood glows brightly to the wearer. These enhancements grant +2 competency bonuses to Perception checks made against creatures that aren’t immune to fear. Further, the ability to plainly see the map of the target’s arteries and veins grants the wearer a +1 profane bonus on damage with slashing weapons made against living creatures. Wearing this mask leaves hideous mental scars. When the mask in donned, the wearer takes 1 point of charisma damage as his thoughts become tangled with images of murder.


Skinsaw Mask

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