Rise of the Runelords (Candy)

Turtleback Ferry is Drowning

12th of Kuthona of 4707 AR

The heroes watch in utter shock as the great beast, the Black Magga, begins to lay waste to the town temple of Erastil. Movement in the upper floors is evident as townsfolk move about in a frenzy. The beast was legendary; what hope had they to fight such a monster. They took a few moments to swallow the gale in their throats, and a few valiantly approached to attempt to deal with the creature. Perhaps they could at least give the poor folk trapped a few moments of time to escape. They silently said their prayers mentally as they let loose a few arrows and spells to no avail. Bruiser approached to try to battle in closely, but was swept up in one of its many tentacles. Com yelled for those in the temple to help with healing. He ran to the temple door banging of the large doors. Meanwhile, it continued to squeeze Bruiser. The townsfolk watched on as the previously disliked band of travelers attempted to fight. They spent some time foolishly and heroically attempting to distract and fight it, and it eventually dropped Bruiser. It then swam away as quickly as it had come back out into the depths of the lake. The towns cheered after its departure.

Com quickly left, after seeing the temple door was unlocked the entire time, attempting to make it to the only small inn in town to try to acquire rooms for the troupe. The other heroes went about attempting to help the poor locals. The dwarf helped secure some of the stone structure of the temple and the others attempted to help evacuate the flooded areas of the town. Calach helped the town children find lost or occupied parents. He continued helping feed the other locals in the temporary tent “city” the mayor was occupied setting up. He discussed the recent events with Mayor Shrewd, whom mentioned that there must be something wrong with the damn in Skull’s Crossing. It was an old piece of Thassilionian history, but it has never failed the town yet. No one has ventured inside, as a particularly nasty tribe of trolls has inhabited the area and prevent thus. After being informed of the happenings at Fort Rannick, he offers to pay the heroes 1000 gp to investigate the damn before heading to investigate the swamps for the Black Arrow Commander on the way back to Magnimar. Calach agrees. Calach then takes the children of guards left in town to the school house and deposits them with a very grateful teacher.

Ysermil arrived in town to all this chaos, hearing from some locals the great tale of the heroes that attempted to fight back the Black Magga herself. He went to the inn in search of his companions and was told to meet them at the Bottoms Up Tavern across the way. The tavern was packed full of displaced citizens being served free food and warm drink. He eventually saw Com across the room securing meals for all the party. Barick and Bruiser were the first to arrive and join them for a well earned hot meal. Much later that evening, Calach joined them and discussed what he learned from the mayor. They broke bread together, agreed to head out in the morning to investigate Skull’s Crossing and then returned to the only room that was available for them in the inn. Com set out for a few hours to continue to help the displaced locals before finding a restful sleep.

13th of Kuthona of 4707 AR

After awaking to a very busy town below, the party meets at the tavern to break fast. They then discuss the task of the damn with the mayor. After asking what he knows of trolls, he states that he has read that they are weak to fire and acid. It is also said that they have the ability to regenerate. Them party separates to restock some of their supplies. Calach leaves to check on the town children from last night, and meets the Tillie Kenkenson from the school house along the road to drop off a fresh baked pie for the town heroes. She reassures him that the children were alright. He returns to meet the others. They all eventually head out on the long journey to Skull’s Crossing.

They arrive late in the day, and as it begins to rain, Bruiser notices some figures lumbering along the wall of the damn. To the left, they find large steps carved into the Cliffside. Perhaps they were sized for giants. They spend some time climbing these large steps to the top of the cliff that leads to the mouth of a large room in a cave.


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