Rise of the Runelords (Candy)

The Search for Ysermil

14th of Kuthona of 4707

After waking, the party begins to break fast after prayer. They then pack up the camp and begin to search for Ysermil. After an hour of travel, they see smoke from a campfire in the distance. They approach to see a hill giant using a club to beat a bloody sack while singing (those whom speak giant know he is singing about breakfast). They surprise him and a mêlée ensues. He makes mention about someone being right about a dwarf in the area to eat. Again, the party emerges victorious. After searching the giant, they turn their attentions to the bloody sack, and discover Ysermil’s mangled corpse within. The enraged dwarf takes his hammer to the giant, destroying its head. They continue their journey to Turtleback, but need to make camp one more night before returning. Com casts a speak with dead spell in hope of inquiring as to whether Ysermil would like to be raised. The only answer his corpse gave was to return his body to his temple. A frustrated Com decided he would try again in the morning. It is this night that they receive a visit from a sobbing 2 foot tall male fey creature with gossamer wings weaving the tale of Lamatar and his mistress – the princess Mariana. He pleads for their help, and his mistress will not rest. He has tried to comfort her to no avail. The Shimmerglens are suffering as she suffers. They agree to help, as they had promised to investigate Lamatar for Jakardos in the area anyway.

15th of Kuthona of 4707
Com attempts the spell on Ysermil again to no avail. He realizes he would need to wait at least 7 days before attempting it again. When the heroes reach Turtleback, they separate to take care of separate errands (informing the mayor the dam worked and trolls were eradicated, community service, baths, meals, shopping etc.). They meet later and agree to stable the horses here and try to take the ferry across to the glens. After paying for there ferry across, they realize it would be a difficult task navigating the swamp without boats. They trek through muddy roads to the Thorpe of Bitter Hollow for about 5 hours to purchase 2 row boats at the Gator’s Nest Trading Post.

They set out to the Shimerglens and find them to be full of twisted black trees rising wretchedly from shallow pools, their arthritic branched curling into miserable tortured claws. The sun seems to scorn the place and a cold dark mist looms within the canopy of bone-bare branches above. The rain has ceased here as well. Evil murmurs ride an unnatural wind that flows forth from the glens, and shadows dance in the dark mists within. Their minds seem to play tricks on them as they encounter all sorts of ghostly denizens and a derelict sea ship inexplicably deep in the middle of the swamp. Within, they find the remains of a sea captain, nautical charts that are unfamiliar, a book of music sheets, and a silver goblet.

Eventually, after some travel, the tangled swamp gives way to a relatively large clearing, a calm pool of unnaturally still water ringed by twisted decaying willows. Wind blows, but the trees do not sway. It is as if the very land has died. Yap refuses to enter the clearing and hides behind a gnarled tree, saying that his mistress would be found within. As you approach the twisted glade, a ghostly nymph rises with a howl from the waters. In a shrieking hate-filled voice she accuses you of failing Lamatar, of failing to protect Fort Rannick, and allowing the Kreeg Ogres to take him to their lair high on the Hook Mountain. She bemoans the fact that her love Lamatar was taken by the ogres and that she was unable to save him. She knows in her heart that he is dead, hut when she tried to reincarnate him, foul magic prevented his soul from returning to his new body. She begs you to find his remains and return them to her, she need not the entire body. In exchange, she promises to release the land from her curse. If not, she will be forced to find him herself with her vines and her dark trees will eat the land and churn your people to bone and misery. Return her love to her embrace, she yells! The well-traveled and worn heroes agree to take on this new quest.

They take the rest of the day rowing back to Turtleback and arrive at nightfall. Again the heroes separate for personal errands (bathing, laundry, shopping, community service etc.) and meet back at the Bottoms Up Tavern, where Bruiser agree paid for all occupants of the tavern to have a meal as long as he and his companions were given a table. The heroes feast and drink the night before setting up camp outside the town school house.


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