Rise of the Runelords (Candy)

The Journey Continues

1st of Abadius of 4708

As Bruiser cooks the giant crocodile and draws warm water for Com to soak his feet, Calach approaches the party from the main road on his phantom steed.

They welcome each other, and Calach offers all some ale for all the heroes in celebration of the first day of the new year. Com asks if he was able to procure the stone to flesh scrolls he mentioned. Calach indeed purchased 3 such scrolls. Bruiser perhaps mentions that they should use it on the stone giant. The heroes then have an academic discussion as to whether stone giants are made of stone or flesh.

They travel the rest of the day and camp the night.

2nd of Abadius of 4708
Com makes mention that his things are out of order and finds the laces of his boots tied together. He begins to ask the others whom is touching his things. Perhaps someone or something got into the spell in the night. Volo mentions the faerie folk and pixies love to play such tricks. They pack their things and head off. They travel the rest of the day uneventfully.

3rd of Abadius of 4708
The heroes come upon the frontier trading post pf Wartle. The few buildings rising out of murky swampy ground on stilts. The town’s only inn/tavern called the Lean-To as it leans at an odd angle on its stilts . They buy the few rooms available for the night from Gator Bob, have a tasty gator gumbo dinner accompanied by bread and some Bog Grog. After asking around, they hear tell from local trappers that business is bad. There are fewer animals out for hunting and many hunters never return. There is tale that giants are roaming these parts. The heroes purchase gallons of Bog Grog to take on the long road ahead.

4th of Abadius of 4708

In the morning, the heroes lumber about after breakfast, as Gilgamesh needed extra time scribing some spells. Bruiser and Nia decide to scout about the area and come across a stump in a clearing with a hawk sitting atop it. In the hawk’s claw, a human hand with a ruby ring gleaming on one finger. Fearing that perhaps it was a druid, Bruiser cautioned that they should head back to the party and return later. When they return, no hawk is found. They spend the rest of the day traveling to Nybor.

5th of Abadius of 4708
The heroes arrive in the peaceful farming community of Nybor. The small community is said to have more half-breeds per capita of any Varisian city, and it is evident as well as a large gnome population. They eat a vegetarian meal at the Deeproots tavern/inn, but push forward with their travels after to catch up for lost time. They travel the 5-8th.

8th of Abadius of 4708
The heroes arrive in Galduria, a town with a local arcane college called the Twilight Academy. Gilgamesh visits the local shrine to Nethys to tithe and the college library to work on his scribbing. Others pay visits for different reasons, interest in books, magic items etc. The party meets up at the Harpy’s Cove for dinner and rests for the night.

9th of Abadius of 4708

The heroes arrive in the town of Wolf’s Ear. Com informs the party that perhaps it would not be safe to stay or linger, as the town has a sordid past. It was once a haven for people cursed with Lycanthropy. When it was annexed by Magnimar, the lord mayor cracked down on them, which ensued a bloody battle. The mayor stated that all the lycanthropes were either killed or chased off. Com, having served in the guards for some time, know that perhaps this was more a political statement to save face. The battles were bloody and some guards returned with the curse themselves. The visit the Hair of the Dog tavern/inn where they purchase food and drink. They quickly leave after, especially after the odd questions posed by Bruiser whom asked the barkeep if he was a werewolf. The party travels on the road the 9-12th.

12th of Abadius of 4708

They arrive in the small vineyard community of Ravenmoor. After visiting the nearest tavern, they inquire about getting rooms for the night, and are informed that there is no space anywhere in town. After brusque converstation, they quickly eat and drink and then leave town.

Sometime outside of town while camping for lunch, the heroes come across a stump of tree with a small chipmunk sitting atop it holding a silver acorn. When they approach, the stump opens its maw to reveal a mouth full of teeth as its roots move to reveal 8 tentacles. After it is slain, Gilgamesh takes the silver acorn (jewelry). The creature is burned and weapons are cleansed, as Calach makes mention that they may infect themselves with spores of not.

13th of Abadius of 4708
The heroes arrive at the Storval Rise, one of the most unique landmarks in Varisia. The change in terrain from the fertile lowlands to the rugged and stony scrublands of the plateau above marks the lands of giants and barbarians with an unmistakable boundary. The rise itself often reaches dizzying heights of 1000 feet or more, but at the location known as the Storval Stairs, the cliffs are only 400 feet high, and feature ancient Thassilonian monuments. You see movement of large creatures at the top in the distance. The heroes in the back hear a high pitched voice near Calach state that there are at least a dozen. Calach casts an invisibility spell and leaves, his phantom stead remaining behind. When the heroes ask Bruiser about Calach, he states, “Calach can take care of himself.”



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