Rise of the Runelords (Candy)

Investigation of Foxglove Manor 2

The Misgivings Part 2

The attempts to wrestle the scarf free of Calach’s neck are unsuccessful. Eventually, Caleb uses a burst of Desna’s power in the room (B9). The scarf goes limp around Calach’s neck, and he throws it to the floor exposing it to an acid spell. The once valuable scarf is damaged. Silick, recognizing that it may still have value, puts it away in his bag.

The adventurers continue forward into a drawing room (B8) marred by unnatural dampness and thick sheets of mold that cling to curtains closed over the southern windows. Bruiser approaches the curtains and pulls them back to get a glimpse of outside. He seems to have been startled by something, as he jumps back and punches at the window shattering the glass.

Aurellion leaves the room, walking back into the front parlor trophy room (B3). Yells of pain issue forth from his lips. The party runs in to investigate and is greeted by Aurellion running and flailing around the room while screaming. He drops and rolls around on the floor pleading to be doused with water. Bruiser empties some of his waterskin on Aurellion to no effect, as he continued to shriek. Burn marks and blisters appear on his skin. Calab eventually calls upon Desna’s power once more and Aurellion ceases to yell. Caleb tends to some of Aurellion’s wounds as the others continue to look around.

Silick discovers a washroom with a metal tub in the center of the room. After hearing a strange furtive scratching coming from inside the tub, he discovers a diseased rat inside the mildew encrusted ub. The creature is a horrific and pitiful sight, blind tumor-heavy wretch that begins a shrieking frenzy as Silick approaches. He dispatches it with one quick stab of his shortsword.

Conitnuing on, you discover what must have been a dancing parlor. It may have once been breathtaking with oak-paneled walls and floorboards. It is a sad sight now, as the wood is warped with moisture, scratched and spotted with mold. A grand piano, its surface splotchy and keys warped leans tiredly in the southeast corner. Silick does a quick look around without touching anything in the room and continues to the next area to investigate.

Bruiser opens the door to the next room and walks in (B5). This dusty room featured a long couch caked with white sheets of wispy fungus. Eddies of dust skitter along warped floorboards as if caught up by a slight breeze, yet no wind is noticeable in the air. After walking in, the other members notice his eyes glaze over and sweat appear on his brow. In a high pitched voice, very much not his own, he grabs Silick by the arm and states, “Lorey, we must escape. Something terrible is going to happen.” He drags Silick out of the room and into the halls. Silick attempts to wreste free from Bruiser’s grip, but is unable to as he is pulled down the hall. Aurellion releases a spell at Bruiser, and he seems to return to the present moment, stating that something terrible happened below this house in the basement.

The now battered and frightened heroes continue on the the second floor of the house. As they traverse the stairs, their footsteps echo back at them a few seconds later, as though an invisible person were following them.


The first room checked (B10) was merely another set of stairs leading down. The next room (B11) was a bedroom featuring a child-sized bed, a chair next to a toy box, and a looming stone fireplace big enough for a child to get lost in. Bruiser’s eyes glaze over seeming to be remembering something. When he returns to the moment, he complains of a headache.

Next, they enter a large room (B12) that features 2 padded chairs and a long couch facing a wide alcove lined with stained glass windows. These windows depict a diverse array of animals and plants – from north to south are a large ghostly scorpion, a gaunt man holding out his arms as a dozen bats hang from him, a moth with a strange skull-like pattern on its wings, a tangle of tall green plants with bell-shaped flowers, and a young maiden sitting astride a well in a forest while a spindly spider the size of a dog descends along a string of webbing above her. Calach voices his recognition of these images as classic components for some type of necromancy magic.


Entering another large room (B17), a stone fireplace sits in the northwest portion of this chamber. Paintings hang on the walls to the North and south, each covered over with a thick sheet of dusty cobwebs that obscures its subject from sight. Silick and Caleb remove the dust viewing all the subjects and reading the plaques beneath them. The 3 to the north depict Vorel and Kassandra Foxglove with their daughter Lorey. Vorel is a tall, middle-aged man with long dark hair, a clean-shaven face, and dark blue noble’s clothes, while Kassandra is stern-faced brunette woman with wisps of grey in her short hair and a flowing blue dress. The 5 to the south show Traver and Cyralie Foxglove, their son Aldern, and their 2 daughters Sendeli and Zeeva. Traver, like Vorel, is tall and thin, but with an even narrower face and a thin mustache. Cyralie is a young woman with long red hair and an impish smile.

The party then moves on to another bedroom (B13). The entire room is caked in a thick spongy layer of dark green, blue, and black mold. Having found nothing of particular interest, Silick moves on to another room. While the rest of the party moves forward, Caleb enters this room and investigates as Calach watches on. After entering, Caleb begins to manically claw at his face. He runs out of the room and stops.

Meanwhile, Aurellion finds what appears to be another washroom (B14). The floor gives out beneath him and crashes to the level below as he jumps toward the door. That was a close call. They continue into what once might have been a fine chamber (B15). It is destroyed. The bed is smashed, mattress torn apart, walls gouged as if by knives, chairs hacked apart, and paintings on the walls toen to pieces – with one exception. A portrait hanging on the north west wall seems to be untouched, although it hangs backwards, its unseen subject facing the wall. Aurellion turns it around (Iesha Foxglove Painting).

Entering the attic, they discover that the first few rooms (B19-B20) after the landing were storage areas with repair tools, wood, and old furniture with odds and ends. After opening the door to another room (B21), you find a low cot and dresser. The ceiling of the room angles down steeply, leaving only 4 feet of headroom. Caleb and Silick continue on to another door (B23). Within the room, they find shelves of books that line the walls of the room interspersed with curious objects such as skulls fitted with stubs of candles, tribal fetishes, and decorative scroll cases. An empty birdcage lies near the southern wall beside a small desk and a fine leather chair. Statues and sculptures grin from all corners of the room. After using skill and detect magic to search you discover the following: a scroll of lightning bolts, a skilled roll of keen edge, a pain’t ingredients from a renowned artist called “Throw down in Swynetown” depicting a bullfight worth 600 gp, in a secret niche behind the painting 3 piles of stacked coin (20 pop in all), 2 vials that contain a foul-smelling worthless residue, and a copper key.

You hear a sudden aND unmistakable shriek of pain echo through the attic, the sound obviously coming from another room (B24). The door is locked, but Silick is able to pick it with some effort. When you open the door, you are greeted by a cold and damp room. An old armoire stands near the east wall, and the ceiling slants to only 4 feet high to the northeast leaving little room for a small window. A full-sized mirror in a dark wooden frame of coiling roses leans against the bricks. An undead female sits on the floor sobbing as she looks at her reflection.
There is a struggle as you initiate a fight with her. After Calach uses a burst of fire destroying the mirror, she stops sobbing and screams (paralyzing some of you in fear) yelling, “Aldern! I can smell your fear! You’lol be in my arms soon! You will pay for doing this to me!” After grappling with Silick, she walks out of the room carrying him. She drops him in the hallway and runs out the hallway down the stairs at a furiously quick pace leaving most of you behind.

A chase now ensues, as Aurellion and Calach run after her leaving everyone else behind.

They finally catch up to her and she is clawing through the floor at a stain under a rug. She jumps through the hole she made. There is a foul smell to the air rising from below and it is dark. Calach sends his dancing lights and jumps down after her. Aurellion leaves an arrow on the edge of the hole, and jumps down after Calach as well.

The walls drip with moisture, and swathe of black and dark blue mold grow in spiraling, tangled patterns on the floor, ceiling, and walls here. Rubble and broken bones clutter the floor, and a rhythmic sound – lIke the breathing of some immense creature – echoes through the cave from 3 tunnels, one to the north and two to the west. Of the 2 western tunnels, the southernmost one seems to be a relatively new creation.

The rest of the party arrives a round later. They spend time trying to find another way down, but eventually go down below using the same stairs.

We ended the game on the map below.



I left a skull of continual flame on the ground, which we acquired from a previous dungeon a few steps into the passage way we took.

Investigation of Foxglove Manor 2
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