Rise of the Runelords (Candy)

Harrowing the Hook

17th of Kuthona of 4707

The great rains turn to driving snow as winter comes with a fury upon the Hook. Autumn is a forgotten dream as cutting wind lances through wool and leather. And the treacherous ice crawls along the mountainside. Life is cruel and short on the Hook, more now than ever as winter sinks her teeth into its crags.

Calach retrieves his winter cloak from the body of the dead hag and the heroes continue forward beginning the treacherous climb. After a few hours of hiking and climbing, Bruiser brings himself over yet another ledge. As he steps forward, the snow ahead of him shifts to reveal a gargantuan spider that lurches at him. Another battle ensues as the party slowly climbs the ledge, while Calach flies over the scene quickly as a pair of feathery wings seem to appear from his back. After a difficult battle, the party emerges victorious yet sickened and Bruiser weakened from it’s venom. Barrick bashes the spider’s head to an almost jam-like consistency before the party decides to push over the side ledge. The all agree to take refuge in a nearby cave. Bruiser rests as Com attends to his wounds and condition. The others search for some brush to begin a fire.

18th of Kuthona of 4707
The party retires and remains for 16 hours before packing camp and exploring to find more firewood to take with them. They continue the climb for another 4 and a half hours.

As the heroes finally crest the last craggy outcrop about a half-mile from Hook Mountain’s 10,000 foot high peak, they find a gaping cave belching forth a foul smoke that is only instantly dispersed by constant flurries of windborne snow and frost. As Bruiser lifts himself from the ledge he yells for the others to be at the ready as 2 ogre guards take notice of him and prepare for battle. Com hears a conversation between them, stating that they could handle them and there was no head to sound an alarm. They sorely underestimated these heroes, as the battle was a short one. After checking for magical items, the party retrieves valuables from them and hurls the bodies off the ledge.

At the mouth of darkness, jagged spurs of bone protrude from the stone on either side of the cave entrance, each towering twenty feet in height — apparently the ribs of a blue dragon (Arcana check succeeded). After casting a spell for light, you find that the bones are decorated with crude scrimshaw carvings, incorporating the seven-pointed Sihedron Rune in many locations. Com casts a comprehend languages spell and reads a few lines to understand this to be a record of the Kreeg Clanhold. The leader claims to be able to trace his heritage directly to the great warlord a rune giant named Gargadoros, a one time general of Karzoug’s army during the height of the Thassilonian empire.

As they continue forward, they find an enormous statue in frozen vigil — a forty-foot-tall giant with black skin covered in fissures and cracks, like the bed of a dried river. He wears majestic armor, gilded and encrusted with gems, and grips a towering glaive in his armored fists. The giant’s face is hidden by a ferocious full helm forged into the sneering grimace of a fanged devil. Around the giant’s neck hangs a medallion — a seven-pointed Sihedron Rune. After casting detect magic, Calech sees that the medallion is magical. The party decides to continue ahead…..


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