Rise of the Runelords (Candy)

Attack of the Lamia Sisters....

Inside Jorgenfist


Following the defeat of the two enslaved dragons, arguments between several party members threatened to overcome the adventurers.
Calach sent his dancing lights spell further along the cavern tunnels. There he saw the approach of three Lamia, these female creatures were a mix of great cat and human women. The upper torso were of beautiful young women while the lower part merged into a four legged great cat.
The party was scattered among the cavern that once held the dragons. Com had been knocked unconscious by the deadly flames of the dragons but now had recovered some, using valuable spells needed to heal the front line warriors.
The Lamia mocked the adventurers. Studying them intently and noticing several who bore holy symbols of good aligned gods. Bantering with Calach, the Lamia noticed his sihedron amulet.
They questioned him on the where about of their sisters, whom the adventurers had previously slain.
Calach feigned ignorance as the Lamia blinded three of the party (Com, Henry Albert, and Gilgamesh) in response to Gilgamesh casting a spell before them.
He then attempted to distract the Lamia while he and the party internally considered what they could do. This initial attacked had already greatly impaired them.
Bruiser joined Calach, standing beside him as the Lamia separated along the room. Never staying close to one another.
Through banter and spells, battle erupted around them. Nia and Calach coordinated an attempt to keep the Lamia apart. Blinded, Com and Henry Albert used one another to traverse the nearest wall. But without sight, there was little help they could offer. Gilgamesh slowly maneuvered as best he could among the sounds of battle. Volo was forced to take a more active role in battle, now that a large portion of the party was disabled.
Calach found that his spells were less effective against the divine spell casting Lamia. No doubt, whatever spies they had, had indeed prepared them against him.
“Protect the healers!” was yelled in battle and all Calach could do was blanket the entire area in a wall of mist. This at least would even the battle field some what.
Ill prepared for the readied Lamia sisters, the battle was far more taxing than the party had hoped for. Com was able to use Heal to restore sight to Henry Albert, who was not able to see; he was now able to pour healing on to the now wounded warriors. Volo used the mist as best he could although, it was not the best situation for his combat style.
Nia and Bruiser through sheer strength delivered powerful blows upon the two Lamia they faced. Calach offered what help he could against the Lamia with magic missle but even he could do little.
Then it was that tragedy struck. Protecting his darling Nia, Henry Albert under the effects of his divine spell shield other was brought unconscious. Still, as long as he drew breath, his spell protected her. He took on a portion of each strike she suffered until his body gave way and his life was taken. Nia and Com did what they could to preserve his remains.
Finally, having brought down two of the Lamia and the mist dismissed, the remaining Lamia casted sanctuary upon herself and began to flee. Most of the warriors were unable to harm her against the protective ward.
Sprouting his wings, Calach gave chase as best he could while hurling a few spells at her. Although, her protections negated most the of the damage. Volo too followed as closely as he could. The rest of the party began to regroup and take what treasures they could off the slain Lamia.
Calach attempted to convert her but once more his attempts failed and she disappeared among a forked passage. Sending his spell forward, he could see the trap that awaited him.
On one side, a group of stone giants ready to strike, the crafty Lamia mocking him with a goodbye kiss in the air. On the other a band of trolls, they too ready to crush the adventurer.
He stopped and seeing Volo, yelled for him to get ready to flee. So Volo returned to the group and they gathered up into two parties.
As Calach took the attacks of the trolls and stone giants, the party looted what they could and awaited his return.
Calach flew as fast as he could towards them. Remembering the promise, not to kill stone giants if they could. So he joined with his companions. Com yelling that he would meet in Magnimar. Calach agreed.
Calach called out for Yap to join him to escape and after feeling the small hand touch him he waited until Com disappeared with his own travel spell before teleporting Volo and Bruiser with him to his own teleport spot in Magnimar.
Upon arriving, Calach was asked where they were but still unsure of the newer companion said he would tell Bruiser later. Volo, though, figured out where they were.
After which, Calach said we must leave this place and join the others.


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