Rise of the Runelords (Candy)

At the Storval Stairs

13th of Abadius of 4708 AR

The heroes argue as to what to do when Calach leaves. They decide to back away and make a plan. They discuss leaving their horses somewhere else. They see a magical mist begin to form at the top of the stairs. After some discussion, Bruiser charges towards the stairs. The others follow suit, and make a brave charge with the horses up the giant sized steps into the unknown mists ahead.

Landslides of stone begin to tumble down the stairs, killing Volo’s stead and forcing him to climb the edge of the stairs and statue the rest of the way. Gilgamesh slings a spell enlarging himself, Nia, and Bruiser. Com and Henry Albert prepare the party with spells of their own. Bruiser drinks an invisibility potion and steps into the mist. Nia drinks a potion, but finds the magic does not work. She hurdles ahead nonetheless. The battle ensues. Calach continues to keep Bruiser invisible throughout the fight while invisible himself behind him. Bruiser and Nia slaughter many of the giants, unbeknownst to each other, as the mists blocked view of sight of each other.

Com hears the giants order one to withdraw to inform Mokmurian that large heroes have arrived to challenge him. He yells to the others. Volo keeps an eye on the giant as he emerges from the mist, as does Calach flying high above the mist to sling spells. Volo quietly drops 30 feet from the statue above to the ground gracefully and without damage. He pursues the fleeing giant throwing daggers at it. It turns and begins to club Volo. Calach drops the magical mist and Henry Albert casts a spell preventing the other giants from attacking, thus they attempt to flee. They are quickly slaughtered. After withstanding spells from Calach, Volo is able to position himself tactically with Nia and strikes the fatal blow.

The heroes search the giants, finding nothing of import as Com gathers the horses below. Nia, Bruiser and Gilgamesh fling the 12 giant bodies down the bloodied stairs. They gather around Com and Henry Albert to be healed. After searching the crumbling ruin of a building that Calach points out they were emerging from, they find valuables in a mound at the back. They have the spellcasters identify the magical items and Bruiser helps to appraise the value of objects:

  • 3,306 sp
    *a carved mammoth bone statuette of a much smaller mammoth worth 700gp
    *an eye patch with a mock eye of black star sapphire and moonstone worth 900gp
    *a mithral anklet worth 1,000gp
    *a jeweled crown worth 4,000gp (Gilgamesh recognmizes that the crown is in fact the Lost Crown of the Pallgreves clan, one of the oldest noble families of Janderhoff and the dwarves would gladly pay around 10,000gp for its return).
  • +2 defending bladed scarf
    *a leather pouch containing 7 cure moderate potions and a potion of remove disease
    *an efficient quiver containing 16 +1 undead bane arrows and 1 greater monstrous humanoid slaying arrow


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